Human loneliness

in live •  11 months ago 

What is lonelines?
Alone - a subjective, emotional state of feeling socially isolated and cit off from others.
Sometimes a person feels lonely When there is no one around him or herself. Few people want to help him. causes artificiality and shallowness of interpersonalne interactions, interpersonalne relations become incomplete, superficial contacts, accidental and broken off. A Young person who cannot find his or her life partner may be alone. There may be an elderly person who lives alone and dies not have Such good contacts with the younger generation, who, despite a strong relationship with another person, remains alone. Loneliness is difficult for both young and Old people. In my opinion, in about a dozen years each Young person will be lonely that dies to the introduction of new technologies. Most children become addicted to telephones and are unable to find True friendship.

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