Life is simple after all

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Why do I live?

I started asking myself these questions when I was 22 years old. Why do I live? What is love?

It became clear when I was 25 that’s when my first child was born. Love made the world goes round, we need to have love in order to live. Every time when I was about to make a commitment, I always think about my love ones, my parents, my hubby and my child. What would affect them if I do this and that. I need to live happily in order for them to be happy.


My parents 87/90 – short trip Sept 2020

Life is tough and it gets tougher; work, relationship & health. It’s also gives me pleasures , joys and memories. It’s worth it. That’s the journey of one’s life.

Retirement is scary but I am on it now. It’s not scary at all. It simply means you have done your responsibilities & it’s time for you to rest. Perhaps the word scary means you are no longer useful, you are about to die.. then it is SCARY!

This shall be my new chapter of life, there got to be a purpose, something that I need to know. Walking into this, is like life is starting all over again because I felt pretty different, I am never ME, I don’t really understand myself anymore.

I thought life is simple, clearly the heading for this post stated that. Unfortunately, as I started writing. I lost my way.

It isn’t simple as I thought!