The illusion of freedom

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We feel free.
Free to choose which movie to watch as long as it's approved for public broadcasting.
Free to engage in any business we choose as long as it follows proper regulations.
Free to get rich as long as it's by legal means.
Free to put children into public schools where they get a standardized education that will condition their behavior for the rest of their lives.
Free to meet with someone as long as the meeting is scheduled over an electronic device.
Free to express any opinion as long as it does not offend anyone with power over us.
Free to access any content and shop without going outside.
Free to bank anywhere as long as you meet KYC requirements.
Free to deposit a fixed amount to avoid monthly fees.
Free to consume alcohol and tobacco to mark a celebration.
Free to buy coffee anywhere we want as long as it gets us ready to work.
Free to choose any medical coverage we can afford.
Free to buy purchase cancer-causing produce.
Free to harm ourselves but only if we do it in a way that benefits public corporations.
Free to believe we choose to do any of the above by our own free will.

What freedom is:
Not acting as a result of coercion, deception and subversion.


well said for sure

I don't know, this world would be chaos if there was no authority.

when one can't stand erect by himself, he must be kept by others.

We don't live in perfect society, do we?

Do you want criminals, psychopaths running around?

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Jokes aside, the nuclear family did that before it was shattered.
Criminals and psychos turned that way because they can see the game is rigged, the deck stacked against them with no hope of improving the odds by themselves. Understanding the scale of it can drive you mad.

Is that picture made by you?

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It's a free stock photo. I looked for birdcage and it came up.

can you please write in your posts where the pictures are from?

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