Can Jacob (Israelites) and Esau (Edomites) can never live together freely

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It is now time to unify our resources before we can make a dent in fixing our present situation. With the right resources, the lost sons, and daughters of the Israel can become a fisher of men and bring our brothers and sisters out of damnation. Self-sustainability of our nation is imperative, history and the bible both tell us that Jacob and Esau can never live together freely. Edomites have been masters of deception and scientist of systemic supremacy.

The Borgia family (Edomites) sought to conquer the Israelite using their God during the renaissance’ by whitewashing Yahawashi’s image to a picture of their son. While King Ferdinand (Edomites) sought to convince the people to rise up against the Moors(also Israelites)cross the Atlantic ocean by financing Columbus’ attack on the “New World.” Indians of the Americas are the lost tribes of Israel (the Northern Kingdom) calling them Africans is a historical lie.

300 years later the Israelites of Bible are at the bottom of the economic, sociological and political ladders of this nation for not keeping God’s commandments It is imperative that we build new and optimal resources under a new paradigm that remembers Yah’s commandments. Under a new paradigm of Yah’s Law, we must restore the resources of our nation, as our legal birthright affords us, we could undo our curse from God.

As the Hebrew Israelites the bible speaks of just ask your selves these questions:

What/How killed black wall-street?
Who killed the black panther's leader?
Why is the Nation Of Islam called a hate group?
Why is Israel United In Christ (IUIC) called a hate group?
Why is Moorish Science Temple of America called a hate group?
Why is it when “Blacks” fight for our sovereignty (civil) rights we an aggressive but Europeans can spend 65% of your taxes on war forces.
Why do Edomites say remember when 9/11 killed thousands but when Europeans (Edomites) used a plane to kill thousands of “Blacks” its not worth remembering?
Why are “Blacks” locked up more than any other Nations people?


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