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Happy dawn community steemit, today we will continue with a topic of interest that will allow us to know a little about the current situation that our beautiful country Venezuela is going through.


In the previous section we talked a little about hunger, a topic that telling it is one thing and living it is another.

Today we will discuss the issue of health, which goes hand in hand with poor nutrition, as this has caused many people to develop diseases such as anemia, malnutrition, stress, low blood levels, among others and even worse for those people who have a lifelong treatment such as seizures, hypertension, cancer, AIDS, HPV, among other diseases.

Particularly, I will talk about two cases of the many that are lived every day, the first is of a 20-year-old boy named Leonel, who takes anticonvulsants, since treatment is not found anywhere, they give him more than ten convulsions per day, on one occasion when he went down stairs, convulsed and rolled to the end, unfortunate event that made him end up with a broken arm and leg.

It is regrettable what is experienced daily, while stressing that schizophrenics walk the streets unbridled and to the grace of God, it is quite difficult for their relatives to control them without medicine.

The second case is a young woman full of life, which developed cancer at an early age, her name is Laura, currently she does not get treatment and she gave herself up to die, with much to contribute and many goals to achieve, she decided to stop fighting.

As these are many cases, there are no pills as necessary as analgesics, antibiotics or anti-flu.
Currently getting sick is a luxury, many people have returned to the old treatments with bushes, but there are cases where they can not solve the problem.

The hospital is collapsed, people coming to this center are treated on the floor, in many cases you can not do much because you do not have the necessary supplies, the pollution that reigns in this place is so big that you enter there and leave Healthy is a real challenge.

All this current situation has generated what is known as "bachaqueo", but what is the bachaqueo and how does this affect the Venezuelans? In the next post we will talk about this topic.

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