Elder-Son Open Mic at Halos Friday June 1st 2018

in #live3 years ago (edited)

The first time showing up to Halo's on May 25th, there was no performance for me. The mic was misplaced and I had other things to do that same night. Now, a week later here I am, back blowing the show away. Big thanks to my homie Will Vegas from www.allvetradio.com for showing up. We will be going around on D.Sound, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and other music platforms that allow open download or songs to upload on his radio station. For those recording on instrumentals not owned by you yet we'll have to discuss the legalities first before broadcasting you. That being said if we like it, and can air it we WILL!! Get it Will? haha We both are named William with the will-power to make this happen!

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