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tl;dr: Your consent allows it to to automate voting for your benefit when you're unable to manually vote, no manual operation required, it ensures your voting power is optimized upon your return.

Discover the way to join us here:

How does it operate??

on steem, 100% is the maximum voting power you can achieve. it ensures your power is utilized before hitting the cap, then it harnesses that potential to aid the community.

how this allocation works

the most efficient voter with the least received gets prioritized, maintain your content flow to maximize vote returns. equity is maintained by redistributing votes based on your activity comparison, everyone gets their due votes as efficiently as possible hence, continuous posting upon return compensates for inactivity.

the growth of your account directly influences your received votes

How do I join?

utilizing straightforward blockchain auth mechanisms, with open-source verification, ensuring freedom and support

you can autonomously sign over voting authority to @minnowschool, which the system will automatically detect

Understand how to join us here:

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