Littleguys ensures you receive added benefits at no extra charge, enhancing your satisfaction.

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tl;dr: You enable it to cast votes on your behalf during your voting inactivity, it's entirely automatic, it ensures your voting power is optimized upon your return.

Learn the steps to join us here:

What's the essence of littleguys??

on this online network, voting power is capped at 100%. the system intervenes before reaching full voting power, this preemptive action supports the community.

how this allocation works

the most efficient voter with the least received gets prioritized, maintain your content flow to maximize vote returns. equity is maintained by redistributing votes based on your activity comparison, everyone gets their due votes as efficiently as possible thus, a break from posting won't affect your voting engagement, allowing for a catch-up.

active posting and letting the system vote enhances your account's development

How do I join?

utilizing straightforward blockchain auth mechanisms, with open-source verification, ensuring freedom and support

if preferred, authenticate directly to @minnowschool using your tools for automatic acknowledgement by the system

Reveal how to become a part of us by joining here:

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