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WUhahahahah the worst thing is I started singing in my head and just laughed out loud here. My kids are sitting and looking at me like o.o (mama has gone nuts)
Hahahah thank you for the laugh!

Hahah... just finished watching this a few minutes ago with our girls. @corinnestokes is taking them to see the play soon, so she had to show them the video also.

You know that mermaid is really exists !!!


Ask my daughter ..she'll school you up fast :D


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Hey! My missing Crocs..


You wear Crocs?

Thanks Brian! I'm asking for paper next time at the grocery store, even if they give me a dirty look or an eye roll.

Fantastic!!! Funny, but true! Before to put the trash in the sea, we have to think about the life of the mermaid ;)

I did not understand the significance of these Comic

Nice comic love the design :)

Funny but truth..

The more rational the mermaid in her very non human geniuine actions than most humans; and the illustrations are amusing too, thank you, I enjoyed seeing this :)

Sad but true.

It made a smile while i am still at work


Silly mermaid ! 🐓🐓

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I never cut up my six pack plastic beer holders because I toss them in the trash not in the ocean, but if I ever do toss them the ocean, I will make sure I try to remember to cut them up.

hihi =)
At first I thought it was an underpants, but then I realised it is a plastic bag?
ahaha!... I am sure something like this happened me before on a windy day, I must admit :D:D:D
Love checking out ur posts. U were one of the fist people I followed here, and you are just as funny as day 1 =]

That is a great little comic you did there. Keep it up!!!