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My gaze searched for his, I tried to make an impression on him beyond the senses, I couldn't avoid feeling fear, my body trembled full of nervousness, I couldn't avoid what I feel...


...I am an idiot, perhaps because I was looking for love in someone who could only give me a friendship, but every time I was close, every time I listened to his sonatas, something woke up inside me.


...I felt filled because I knew he was there, close to me...





...I remember when at last we were able to share words, it was something very strange, I didn't know what to say or do...

...you were the one who instilled confidence in me, my mistake however, was to misinterpret your feelings...


I am a lone wolf who has fallen in love with the moon,

I am a bird that sought to create its nest in the top of the highest oak.

I am like the river that unknowingly seeks every moment to meet the sea.

I am...

A bohemian who looked for in him the melody that will fill his days with light and take me out of the darkness.

For all those who suffered for love before the one who dresses as something more than a friendship.

Image source: Eye, looking,the friend, love.

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