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David Foster Wallace hung himself 10 years ago, on September 12 2008. I remember when I read the news about it. I was shocked. It was during a bloggers meeting in Italy, BlogFest, in Riva del Garda. In my blog (not active anymore) I wrote a lot about DFW. I was also a subscriber and contributor in wallace-l, the mailing list of Wallace's fans.

I wrote already on Steem about DFW so I don't want to repeat what I said. Wallace died for the deep depression he fighted all his life. In 2008 he tried to change the drugs he was taking for many years and that brought him back to the disease.

Italians was and are particularly enamoured of the author of "Infinite Jest". Today and in the last days there are many articles on italian magazines about him. Forbes Italia dedicates a long article to the memory of DFW, written by my friend Alessandro Raveggi.

I can just publish again the portrait I dedicated to that amazing writer, one of the greatest I have ever read.

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Did you ever see the film about him I think it came out a few years ago. It was pretty good. "The end of the tour" ? You should check it out.


yes, I saw it. a beautiful movie, expecially for Wallace's fans

Nice tribute Paolo.
Yesteday I saw there is a netflix movie of him, with "Marshall Eriksen" and "Mark Zuckerberg". I hope to watch it tonight.

I read some of his interviews a while back where he talked about his art and depression.

It sometimes worrisome the way great art go hand in hand with great sorrow. I don't just know

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Wonderful portrait.... I do not know of him, but I do now. Thank you for sharing about such a fighting spirit... I will look up his writings to appreciate his legacy better :)