Sudden friends

in literature •  4 months ago 

We we're all crossing the road hurridly as it was a highway and we didn't use the over head crossing because it was too far away. I slowed down quickly on reaching the other end of the road. But unintentionally and unknowing to me, I had about three times obstructed a lady who was also trying to cross at the same time. She was in her late thirties I guessed, probably just returning from work or going some place else. I wasn't sure. "Hey that's not how to cross, you should run straight and not cut in front of people" she yelled, sounding disgusted and offended at the same time. I felt like a kid who was being thought a simple thing over and over again. I felt every urge to argue and prove her wrong but I simultaneously had a strong feeling that in had erred.
I took the courage to apologise profusely to her which she accepted without hesitation. I was greatly relived even as I felt indebted to her as if I expressed or she knew my first stance after she scolded me.
Then the opportunity came, I was the last person to fill up the bus that would take us to Apo. Just as I was about to board, I then noticed she too wanted to board the same bus. Not again, I told myself, I won't play fast this time, I gently stepped aside and motioned her to go ahead. It melted her heart, she declined and insisted I board, but my will was stronger, I was not going to overtake her again. Seeing this, she went on the bus, we waved to each other untill the bus moved along.
Till today, I think about her whenever I cross that road.

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