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Poets of the world...


"Poets of the world...

Our art has never been populous.

We have never been more than Sophocles:

tragic poets,

victims of our own prisons.


Esproncedas of this Spain that drowns us;

Byron and Bécquers,

breaking language boundaries.

Killing language barriers,

believing in a host of utopias,

fantastic and childish,

that could only exist in our minds.


And that's why this world needs us.

Because after each war, only the writings of the dead survive.

Because Homer is the true hero after the Iliad:

without him there would be

no powerful Achilles,

no brave Hector;

neither lover Paris,

nor tragic Helena.

We are the last bastion behind the ranks of the battle squadron.

We are the army of feathers.

The fencers of the ink,

who visualize their objective,

to immortalize him among the leaves.


We are the "once upon a time", and the endpoint.

The beginning of the epics,

and the scriptwriter of each troubadour.


Poets of the world,

we are the true heroes after each spell of love;

words of Neruda,

and the true art that strips the heart,

and shows what's here, under the chest...


The original authors of the "semper fi",

and the "per secula seculorum".

Let no one despise us.

Marines and Hollywood stars exist thanks to us.



For what I call you today, brave;

today I shout with pride and audacity,

that we are the true heroes

after every beautiful story

that precedes us throughout history.


Poets of the World!

We have created our prisons

but in the best style of Valladres and Andrés Cepeda.


So, encourage.


We are the last bastion,

and while it finds war we will prevail.


And if today we die

our letters

will scream louder

than all blood!


Poets, our art has never been populous..."


After the Big Bang

Imagen relacionada

(by Gata Cattana)


"Poets of the world...

I have come to ask you to join me

in the last gesture,

the final, the never again,

the verse or life,

to invite you to rebel against this

unreasonableness that exiles us,

to which you flatly refuse to

the unproductive lament

or to silence because of fear.

Resultado de imagen para gata cattana


Poets of the world,

the time has come to stand up

like a thundering tsunami

that sweep the streets

and plow the pipes and rivers...

Leaving behind evidence,

perhaps the last trail

of hope alive.


The time has come

to put an end to sad and self-satisfied poetry,

to lick one's wounds and nurture resentment,

to sell advice, and for me I do not have one.


We have to celebrate.

We have to get out of the caverns

not like frightened gangs

but like the heroes we were.


Because we were and time will prove us right.

And because where there was always is.


Imagen relacionada

I know that in you there is something of innocence,

that still, sometimes,

when nobody sees you laugh like children

and you sit down to converse in the fire

and they continue surprising

and dazzling

the stars,

and sometimes,


you have felt the happiest from the earth.


This is what must be told.

The time has come to engender

the happiest of songs to fight the rear.

We must put an end to defeatism

and sterile lament,

with ombliguism

and ruthless cynicism.


Comrades, you have to end sad poetry definitely.

Resultado de imagen para gata cattana

Even if

you have to kill me


that. "


The first text is original of my authorship.

The photographs of the first text are all original.

The model is my friend Paola A. Barrios.

The second text is the work of the late Gata Cattana,

originally written in Spanish.

The photographs in that text belong to the author's official sources.

All rights belong to her.

Posted from my blog with SteemPress: http://elnefelibato.timeets.xyz/2018/10/02/poets-of-the-world-after-the-big-bang-prose/


Buenas fotos trabaja un poco sobre mejorar la estetica y todo estara muy bien

Lo he estructurado en el sentido lneal que se articulan todas las prosas, dividiendo según las pausas vocales. ¿Qué podría modificar?

Bro me refiero a estructura grafica a la forma en que se ve.

¡Felicidades, has recibido un voto del EmeeseeseTrail!


Para los que no lo conocen, pueden encontrar información en los siguientes links:

Pd.- Las fotografías te quedaron muy bien :D

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