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RE: [Discussion] Frankenstein's Monster: A creature of the 19th century, or the Large Language Models of today?

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Really great literature, which you summarize here perfectly in terms of content!
Too bad, too bad that most only consuming cineastes will never know how much emotion, how much philosophy, faith and humanity, moreover (!) literary world culture is really behind "the monster".

The word "responsibility" is a key concept both in literature and in your contribution. Here the problem is the not perfect human being, who wants to take over the responsibility gladly (and also credibly well), but can never overlook it in its completeness. Besides, there is the proverb of "curse and blessing" or "shine and shadow side". Both are interrelated like yin and yang. Can human being ever survey both? My answer is "no," and I don't hope that an AI will ever surpass us in this regard.

The humans will recite Goethe: "Die ich rief, die Geister, werd' ich nun nicht los." (Zauberlehrling, 1827).
But man will take the responsibility to get rid of the ghosts - at least as long as there are still some specimens that can think (willingly).

Yes, you are right - the "ChatGPT phenomenon" is old. Very old. And every generation will find a solution to the "problem" for itself. Only when an AI takes over, we will have to think about our raison d'être - and pray pretty hard to God...


Thanks! I have been trying to read a lot more recently, and hope to write some more posts about what I've been reading!

I am unsure if Frankenstein even realized he was creating a responsibility for himself. I think this is the problem addressed by the book: often we create without accepting the commitment that inevitably accompanies creation.

That is a good quote from a classic work by Goethe. I wish I could read German so that I could actually have a true understanding of the poetry he wrote. Perhaps one day I will be able to learn.

That's a good plan. You seem to read quickly, but still perceiving details. It was a pleasure to read your book review, so keep up the good work.... :-))

Reading Goethe in the original will be as difficult a challenge for you as Shakespeare was for us (oh, we studied that author very hard in English class). But when you have understood the great old poets in the original and recognized their brilliance, it is a strong satisfaction - and enrichment.

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