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At first i share the history of English literature. Before Chaucer there was no English literature except Greek and Latin. I want to say that the year of 1340, before this era there was no English literature.

It is Chaucer who first wrote the book on English Literature. Not only Literature but also English language had no worth in the England at that Time. Working class and lower class people used the English Language. The people of high profile used French and Latin language.

The French revolution is the one of the major causes of the development of language and literature. In 18th century William wordsworth was greatly influenced by the revolution and wrote poetry in common language.This help to develop literature a huge.

On eighteen century Dr. Samuel Jonson First introduced English Dictionary. the writers of that period wrote a valuable writing. When the British empire spread all over the world the English language also spread with the imperialism.So it is loudly says that The British imperialism is the main caused of the growth of English.

Later on the the modern poet like T S Eliot contributed lot to develop ENGLISH form working class literature to university subject.The modern poet played a very significant rules to develop English literature and language.

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