Did you know that tomorrow is a Litecoin HF? Litecoin Private !

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My Take on Litecoin Private

Considering the few people I saw discussing it, I do not think it will be a "big news" from the market perspective.

I briefly looked into it and do not see anything "revolutionary" about this new coin.

Anyway, getting a free privacy coin with the name "Litecoin" on it is always a nice thing.


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Fork Date

LTC BLOCK 1407299 (approximately 21st of April 2018)

  • When?

The fork date (block height) will be announced at least 2 weeks before the fork.

  • Is this an airdrop or a HF?

Both. 24% of the supply will be distributed in airdrops and 75% will go to current litecoin holders after the fork.

  • How much are you keeping to yourself?

We keep 1% of the total supply to ourselves for exchange listings, current and future development and bounties.

  • How to mine LTCP?

You will be able to mine LTCP after the fork in April. We expect several mining pools to support LTCP.

  • How many LTCP will I get for a LTC?

You will get 1 LTCP for 1 LTC.

  • What is the purpose of Litecoin private?

Privacy is important to us and smart contracts are revolutionary. Litecoin, Bitcoin or other existing currency coins don't have both of these features and Ethereum isn't a currency.

Exchanges that are known to support the Fork


Full White Papet


I bought some LTC to take advantage of this as I see little downsize and little risk of Sell-off after the HF.


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We're still feeling the effects of the Bitcoin Cash fork. Once a precedent is set, it's very hard to turn over!! These forks just won't stop now.

And the worst part: there are plenty of shitty exchanges that will list these scams to draw in traders and volume.


Indeed, I have never been a fan of HF...
As most of the code is public if you want to build your own coin, just do an ICO to show what is really your project about...

Is yet another HF supposed to inspire confidence in the crypto-verse?

I am having hard-fork fatigue...

Thanks for the heads up. I might buy some LTC to get the LTCP fork now. ;) Why not right?

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