LTC Thank You For Proving Me Right!!!

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Got My Scrypt Miners on Overdrive!!!

Long before I dabbled in many of the enormous choices of altcoins in crypto, my first altcoin love was always Litecoin. LTC has always been a side hold for this guy, though some has left my clutches now and then but for the most part there is always a little LTC in my portfolio due to the belief I have long held that this coin is way undervalued.

At the beginning of the year I spent a good chunk of finances on a few decent miners and the best running ones I have without denting the old electricity bill has been my old loyal Scrypt ASIC. Needless to say with the recent uptrend in this new Litcoin craze I have officially got that very Scrypt miner running on overdrive to rake back in stronger LTC holdings because something in my gut says we are just at the beginning stages of an influx of LTC highs.

They Called Me Crazy About Litecoin

A month or so back I had a wicked issue with a fiat troll on this same very platform I am writing this up on over Litecoin. Little bit of an attack but nothing I couldn't handle. The funny thing I came to find during this ordeal was that not only was this slew of fiat loving monkeys at me about a post on Litecoin and my predictions for a rise come end of summer but a bunch of crypto enthusiasts thought I was off my game about this belief I had.

Well here we are, late August and right around the time I had a gut feeling LTC would get out of the hole. My reasoning for watching this coin and backing it doesn't actually come to highly through tech. Its solid in that area of course and they are working so well with the Lightening Network project that I suspect down the road even more rises to come. What honestly got me backing LTC is a lot of interviews I have seen with Charlie Lee who founded this amazing crypto.


Charlie Lee chillaxing, the man probably needs a vacation

From what I seen publicly and through a ton of YouTube interviews about the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee is a hard working yet humble type of dev in a maddening crypto world. This is something that rubbed off on me well about the whole of Litecoin. When you have dev/founder who puts a lot of heart into his own project and cares more about its future vs its worth, you have a truly rare deal in Crypto. That my friends is one of the many reasons I would love to see this coin grow, the people behind it really deserve the move ahead and that I will support more as I grow my own personal portfolio.

So What's Next For The Old Silver Coin?

The question a lot of you have right now is what to do with this sudden growth in Litecoin and what should you do with your plans on this coin? In this area you should do like I suggest on all investments and research your brains out. My personal choice on this one is to keep HODL and hope for the best. Litecoin has always been a strong side holding of mine and something I tend to sit on and use for movements seeing the transaction fees are more fair than most. But what lies ahead, what are the key important roadmap plans for Litecoin?

The future for Litecoin does look promising for investors. We have on the plate now, thanks to SegWit and Lightening network, a potential for Bitcoin to Litecoin and vice versa swapping action through both blockchains. This is something Lightening Network has been working on and this could open a lot of doors for both coin's future. This could provide Litecoin as a daily usage paired coin and help solidify Bitcoin as the crypto gold standard in my opinion, which I think sets the stage for a boost between the two.


Most Importantly, What Does The Markets Right In The Now

Today I have been doing a bit of market analysis on old Litecoin. Decisions have to be made on my end when it comes to what I run my miners on or what I trade my earnings up for. This is routine I run every week, usually on Mondays and the markets are screaming a huge switch in my tactics. Today I have noticed that Asian coin exchanges have been mass dumping Bitcoin Cash and seemingly switching up to buying more into Litecoin. This is a trend I need to watch for a few more hours today, if not maybe a couple of days but the trend appears to be on the rise. What I am gathering is this, if the Asian markets and the western markets are both following the same path and trend as I am noticing, then its quite possible we have only just begun the pump of making Litecoin more favorable for longer term stability. So this is an area I suggest investors to watch, put those math calculations together and watch closely for the next few days.

No matter what the outcome is for LTC, its to me a worthy coin to keep in our portfolio and one I hope to see many years of growth happen. In this space its a dog eat dog world for crypto development teams but Litecoin has a very decent and transparent one that deserves some help to rise. So go out there, get your game face on and trade like the crypto warriors you are. To Charlie Lee and Litecoin, CONGRATS!! Very excited for you deserve this moment and there is nothing but well wishes from this long term supporter of yours. I have been a holder for a long time, so its great to see the recent achievements!


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@sflaherty - Great news as I have just made my first investment into Litecoin.

Man I am so sorry for the late response, the old Steemit comment alerts seem to be not working again lol. LTC is a great one to hold...something I have always had on the side because I knew this day would come. It may dip down but I promise you always having a little LTC is a good thing. I tend to hold it or use it to move funds at a cheaper rate with DOGE as well for transaction movements but I think from now on I will hold lol...just in case this bad boy sees the value I think it is which is way way higher than even right now. Its to me a coin that should be neck to neck near BTC, maybe not as high but surely not under a $100

Great to hear from you @sflaherty

Nice review on the past and possibilities for the future. I follow your opinion and mostly the fact that Litecoin is way undervalued for the moment. We had a 10x already this year. Dash, Monero, and Ethereum were also coins that were around $10-20 a couple of months ago... so I expect (hope) this uptrend as well for Litecoin.

I have a strong feeling it will get in the hundreds in the coming month or so, LTC seriously been just stalled due to the rise of many around it but always kind of considered it a sleeper. Definitely something everyone should keep an eye on

Absolutely. And don't forget about all the miners that have been bought to mine Litecoin. Things will rise and rise

Great post!!I always liked ltc!!!:))

intersting.. I need 1 follow for make 500!

Hooked you up with that follow to get you that 500, no worries


Nice post @sflaherty

Thanks, lets hope LTC keeps rising, have a little love for that coin for a long time now

go LTC

Its on a run lol. LTC finally woke up thankfully on us

Good stuff man. LTC is actually my largest holding (excluding my SP) though I have not added to it since the spring. Plan to hold what I have though.

I have been building a position in NEO of late.

LTC tends to be this little side thing I scrounge around lol....but I think I better hold more often now, have a funny feeling this is low compared to what we will see LTC do in the coming months. NEO looks decent actually, I have a little more to read up on it but from what I gather its one I should look more into. Mainly still holding that Visio, BTC, LTC and dabbling with Musicoin because my old recordings seem to do decent on their site. Steemit, its tanked on me pretty much the last month so lost most interest in it as a financial option personally, more or less just a cool place to spread the info but it jaded me to an unforgiving level lol.....thankfully I found steady work though and survived the downfall lol.

$100 in the near future my friend. easy.

I agree, actually how in the hell is it not $100 already is beyond me lol. I expect a few corrections on the way up but its clearly time to take LTC even more serious than before.

Not really sure but if you look at the actual gold and silver ratio it is at 1:75. If you look at the Bitcoin to LTC ratio thats like 1:70. It really is the Silver of Bitcoin I believe.