Why LTC is not moving!! WHY ?? Mining rewards dropping

in litecoin •  2 years ago


Bitcoin reached 3600$ ..
i am holding Litcoins, I was thinking it will follow the same trend. But it looks like its more stable
and it won't move. difficulty is increasing on it. and mining rewards are getting lower and lower

I am using Hashnest for mining litecoins ,
with about 57 MHs it is mining 0.065 LTC per day for me.
about 20 days ago with same amount it was mining more than 0.12 LTC per day

What you guys think ? its most undervalued crypto currency.
and i wonder why it is ??

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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Litecoin holders have a long history of being disappointed with the price, second probably only to Monero holders. While everyone else's coins skyrocket in value, LTC and XMR stay steady as mules, plodding along without change ;).

I think LTC's price is going to go up soon, since it is such a great BTC alternative, with active development and publicity. But it is darkly funny how the price doesn't seem to move much, when even shit coins and suspicious ICOs are making everyone else rich.


Yeah man, exactly . for some reason i believe
one day :D i will wake up and it will be 10X :D

Litecoin is probably moving slow, because the majority of investors is currently focused on acquiring high capacity like ETH and BTC. I predict once this settles down, the smaller ones will get their turn.
Hold on to you Litecoin, you will be laughing eventually.


Yes i am holding them, for at least 1 year.
I want to laugh very soon though .
thanks for taking time to put a comment.


No problem. In dutch we say "de aanhouder wint", which roughly translates to 'he who is patient, wins'. So good luck being patient my friend.


danke schon :)


Soldier!!!!! HODDDDLLLL... AHOOO!

3 years I'm holding and every week I say to myself....this is the week lol.


You have more patience than me :)

Why? Because I'm still selling!


are you ?

Good post

not only ltc but also ripple (XRP)


Ripple is another story.
but i think LTC and XMR are the ones really really undervalued.

I'm not really a fan of LTC specifically because it's not volatile enough to really make money on trading. It might go up but I think there are much better coins to hold for long term.


like which coins ? maybe your can suggest some ?


I really like STRATIS.... GNT.... SIA..

Hi! If btc goes up, most of the other coins go down ... or they don't move too much... I have the same case with bth and btc . If btc goes up, bth are going down or only move slightly ... :/


You are right :) BTC up alts Down.
maybe people are more smarter .. they move here and there.. but
for me i am sticking to one crypto. and its not moving.

I Think LTC will go up soon,

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anyways. thanks for comment

I'm really hoping my Litecoin investment does what my small Ethereum investment did and and almost increase over tenfold. Who knows? Maybe it will, maybe it won't. We will see. Followed you back as I would like to see more posts about this topic in particular. Thank you!


Thanks bro. i am really looking into this matter on daily basis.
i am litecoin lover basically

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I don't even know why Bitcoin is going up this high, other than it was the first.


People dump BCH and buying BTC that's why :)
BCH when came it was 700$ .. it had like 7 billion Cap.. that was all dumped to buy BTC ..

The chinese and south koreans know BTC best, so they pour their money into that tolken. It also has momentum to the upside unlike LTC. IMO, LTC is still a good longer term hold. I did notice that it did not get railed as bad as BTC in the last downturn.


yes. it was stable. so when a down trend starts. on other cryptos
better to convert them into LTC

nice , i like it the post thanks

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