LTC trading analysis with the Boss method

in #litecoin3 years ago

Fresh from the press: Litecoin increase (relative to Bitcoin) predicted

A refreshing short and sweet 10 min video. Recently, many videos from BK were over 1 hour so this one is nice to watch if you follow the boss method to trade to increase Bitcoin.

What I found interesting is him explaining the prediction of the high and low levels based on the fibonacci tool:

With this, he predicts a future rise of Litecoin to the resistance level 1.6

Where it gets a bit esoteric - to me, is when he seemingly arbitrarily identifies areas / surfaces beneath the functions / trading lines to measure "energy" - to predict the trading levels.

But somehow, he comes back to his predicted levels from the Fibonacci excercise.

The challenge is that BK is explaining his method using allegories and metaphors, which makes it relatable, but hard to understand.

Topics discussed:

  • Fibonacci Levels
  • Measuring energy levels
  • Predicting levels of trades
  • Predicting a breakout of Litecoin

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