Epic Litecoin Day - ATH and Predictions

in litecoin •  last year

For starters BTC-E exchange came back, it was one of main LTC volumes. Trading is not open yet but we can see a bit of past orders.

Notice that USD price raised but not BTC/LTC ratio

Best ways to trade LTC is FIAT vs Coin, not BTC pair.

LTC hit ATH of 75USD

Vinny had bad luck on this prediction but on BTC he is usually right. CVC is his latest product, trades good.

Litecoin Markets

Korea is on top with Bithumb but mostly we can see CNY rocks the volume.

Leverage Trading

As usual BitMex rocks the volumes on leverage. You can go up to 33% right now.

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WE WILL SEE LTC at $100 before we seen Jan-1-2018


Bitcoin is going up too, everyday is a new record!

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The silver to Bitcoins Gold...


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Hi ,
Nice work sir

And litecoin was going up as well. Now it is time to go down

I think it could go up much higher. Maybe to Ethereum prices maybe more. Litecoin has always been the silver to bitcoin. Im surprised ita not up much higher.

litecoin is mooning...

i dont have litecoin damn! Always wanted to buy but never did.

Where is the dip? All the better known coins are going up.


I am doing a usual trading from past few weeks on crypto and you wont believe the surge is now up by 25%. Thats a huge gain in just few weeks. By this you can imagine how well the market is going.

Litecoin is only about half way to where it should be it still has 100% to go from this point in my opinion


Is there any specific reasons why litecoin will grow even further? Apart from kind of leading the way for bitcoin technical implementations, does it bring anything to the table that other cuter ever doesn't already do better?


I agree! with BTC almost 5k price LTC is highly undervalued

LTC like go to ETH soon i think.


I agree, disregarding a sell off in cryptos over the next 2 months, Litecoin could easily hit $400. Check out the @coinmonkey.com blog on Steemit & see how the transaction fees compared to BTC and ETH.

Every $10 it goes up seems to be an incentive for the price to go up another $10 's haha, LTC breaking them resistance barriers!! Thank you for the information.

A few months ago I put some money into Litecoin instead of Bitcoin and Ethereum because of all the FUD surrounding both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Glad to see I'll be riding my Lambo on the moon sooner rather than later! Great post as usual!


awesome bro

Litecoin is going up, and there are many people saying it could go higher!!! Great! Do some point of view regarding Monero. Next month they are going to do a fork that could make it go over $200. Thank you. As always: great!!


Thats a great news! Do you have any solid reference which states Monero's hard fork. The updates I have seen seem to be partially trustworthy.


Litecoin is going up no doubt. I haven't heard about Monero tho, if someone has some real news about it I would be happy to see them.

Seems Litecoin has a whole lot of potential. I'm in it to win it. :P

Litecoin booming has anything to do with bitcoin high transaction fee too? Or people don't really care to pay that much of tx fee actually..


I see price mainly due to hardforks. Many of them including the recent hardforks for BTC and ETH are reason behind their good hike. Seems there are some hardforks waiting for Litecoin too, which is driving the price crazy.


Wow definitely didn't catch up litecoin. Why it need to hard fork? I thought it had lightning networks from the start.


That's true! but no market can sustain without any upgrade. You might have not seen any such things for litecoin, but eventually if has to sustain market, there should be new improvements to the core technology. A generalized statement though.

Up or down is not important, any coin is dump and pump, it's hard to guess, people who dump and pump earn good money, we are just followers.

LTC will cross $100 this month! (so says my crystal ball)


Thanks for the update. Litecoin is a good one with great future value

Everything is booming, I figured BTC will climb, same with ETH and BCH but LTC was always my back up and wow, it is killing it. Picked up 40 of them some time ago for 24/25 bucks a pop and wow! Tripled. Good post, RESTEEM'd!

Epic Litecoin week :) But it is really epic ETC DAY! lol

I pulled around 80% of my LTC holdings and put them into OMG.
I wondering why LTC is gaining value at all, i mean its kinda just been hanging around for years.


Omisego is a good choice but still Litecoin is a very good trading bet. You can earn decent if you are putting few bucks on Litecoin as well. Better to put on many than one, so to level off. What do you say?


Diversity is always a better option than isolation.
I feel with the the recent news regarding OMG, this might be a really nice play for long term gain.

What price do you think LTC will hit?


$100 before the end of the year is my prediction


Thanks for sharing your prediction.

Is there any technique for a post to come in trending section because I am feeling jealous seeing your payout money 🤣🤣

I wouldn't touch BTC-E with a ten foot pole but seeing Litecoin doing so well makes me all warm and fuzzy =)

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Finally the Cork has come out, now we can drink the champagne !

Great post. Hpoe for the betterment of its future. Thanks for sharing.


Also hoping it goes $100

i just missed buying it :(

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Litecoin is the right coin.

Can you do prediction (prevision) on each year from 2018 to 2022 ?

I am looking forward to this coin doing good

Rise Chikun!

it just hit $78

what a stunning rally !

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Litecoin has reached $75!??!? I can't believe it has increased so much
I think that CVC will have some pretty good gains in the future.

I still have 1.5 LTC earned years ago when I was young, and I had a lot of time to spend on faucets! lol :)

LTC so strong last time

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Such epic days will be more and more...

Litecoin was my first coin purchase over a week ago.
Givin all the facts, I see few reasons why Litecoin won't join Etheriums current value.

My opinion: Etherium and Litecoin are undervalued..Bitcoin.. I'm scared of that moster... He's going to hit over 10k,, but I'm just too scared to buy a bunch.. I'm scared of a retreat.

Litecoin to the moon!

Am I the only one like this?

a very useful update @kingscrown

I'd take a bit of profit now and hold some to see if LTC reaches three digits. It will inevitably fall again to the previous resistance line.

Thanks for sharing

#LTC to the Sky

gracias por compartir este contenido con nosotros te di un voto espero que te guste


Te estoy siguiendo. Dice que Litecoin esta subiendo. Parece que no es la unica, tambien Monero se cree llegue a mas de $200 porque va a tener un fork.

Gracias por esta noticias si ge asi con buen contenido


Te estoy siguiendo. Dice que Litecoin va para arriba!!

I Guess we Should Wait for small Bubble of LTC to buy it, its been always known to be Faster and Better Technology than Bitcoin, But sudden Movement was unexpected, i would also go for NEO - OMG - MCO as next boom

Thanks a lot for giving a brief overview of what happened with LTC. Do you think it's safe to invest some money into it right now?

Thanks a lot for the tips!

This mad my day too! I always squeeze in a little LTC here and there, on your advice!

Lite coin on the moon

good share !

Hi, I'm new here in steemit community. Thank you for this helpful post.

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On weelky chart LTCBTC I see big potential to grow UP

prediction - LTC will be $100 by next week!

I knew this day would come and why I always side bought LTC constantly. Finally paying off for my belief in Charlie Lee and LTC. This is one of the new highlights of this year for me, seriously how many more amazing highlights can one person take but it seems 2017 is the year of the crypto!!

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the BTС stock market again, went there and saw my dollars :)

It seems that soon it will fully recover.

I wonder when LTC will hit 100$. I think it's just the beggining

I am new tothe crypto world and finding it difficult to apply traditonal currancy market fundamentals and stratagies to bitcoin. However when applied to litecoin i am having much more success. Im wondering is lite coin tied to any other crypto currancy or is it standalone like bitcoin?

Wow - what a day .... Wish I had more LTC.

great post. will be guide for me. thank you, I'm waiting for next post

Good work .. thank for this information.. well done.

litecoin is going to the moon

Do you already have a guide on leverage trading in crypto? Or a link to one?

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lets do something new :)
have you ever heard about AMA ;)
yea Ask Me Anything ;)
you can ask people about what you want to know about the field they are in ;)
and ;) many people can ask you about what they need to know about your field :)
that makes you able to face the problems by hard questions ;)

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Partner : Mohammed Raafat
Email : engmrom@gmail.com

Thanks for the info

@kingscrown Thanks for post, yet I am struggling knowing how to balance the ego of trading for USD and trading for coin. I'm tempted to always sell knowing that I am up on USD, and after a sell, I buy coin at really a 0 gain. Any thoughts or advice on this..hold till we reach the moon?

All time high? I bought LTC for 0.03 BTC.


I am the Great Cornholio! I'm a gringo!

Thanks for the article. I think LTC is easy to store & bring around in your mobile phone . I am going to explore more info on this coin.

Great news for litecoin holder


Liked! + Upvoted!

Nice post
thanks for sharing

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

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to the moon......

Correction right now :)

One of the best coin is Litecoin. Second pick for payments. @kingscrown

your post is very nice, full pack of knowledge and very attractive :-)

nice post bro

hope that litcoing will go up.

litecoin hit 75$ its really cool

better days comin

my mates bought a bunch of lite coin and are very happy! nice post @kingscrown

Really love ltc, always got profit with this cpin

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