Litecoin on the Move!!!

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It is Litecoin's turn now. Litecoin (LTC) is on the move. LTC will hit $200.00 and have that as a baseline for for early spring of 2018. The rush into LTC will be great, starting now and through 2018. LTC will never again be below $200.00 after March 1st. The 30 day moving average floor for LTC will step up in increments of $100.00 every 30 days.

Here is how it will look:

February 2018 LTC $200.00 level
March 2018 LTC $300.00 level
April 2018 LTC $400.00 level
May 2018 higher break outs $550.00 to $600.00
August 2018 $800.00 +

There are many reasons for this move in LTC. LTC is a great alt coin. It has strong software and many proven advanced features. LTC has a great Network effect and is growing like Bitcoin's is. LTC will be the #1 choice for daily usage in commerce. Dash and ZCash will be a close 2nd. The majority of the population will be entering crypto currencies in 2018. Each month we will see all time market highs.

Due to human psychology, many will feel that they have missed the boat with Bitcoin (BTC). The wealth effect will make them buy 10 LTC at $1500.00 versus buying 0.1 BTC at $1500.00 of Bitcoin. In their mind, having 10 LTC is a lot more than 0.1 BTC. Both coins will do well, but the mind says otherwise. Either way, there will be no stopping both Bitcoin and Litecoin. These crypto currencies are here to stay. They will have a parabolic growth for many decades.

For example, India is worried about a massive Government bail in of their Rupee. They have had currency troubles for years and it is only getting worse. There is no mistake, citizens of India, will rush into BTC and LTC to avoid a Greece or Cyprus scenario. Globally, no one trusts banks or their bankrupt Governments anymore. Everyone is taking their own security and financial safety into their own hands. How are they doing this? The answer is honest, decentralized, trust-less crypto currencies utilizing the blockchain.

Start your Crypto portfolio now. The Global rush will start in 30 days, if it has not started already!


Made me wish I held on to my Litecoin ... but only so much funds and resources I have LOL :P

I here you. Fortunately, I have not sold one of any of my crypto coin/token purchases. I am in it for the long haul

Hope you are right, I believe litecoin will go higher but not sure how much.
One thing is for sure, 300.00 to 400.00 in the near future is very possible!

It will be, mark my words. In 6 months me and most everyone will wished we had bought more LTC. I wrote about a huge announcement coming in the Spring with Alibaba announcing it's acceptance of LTC as a payment method

I’ve been a big Etherium, Dash and Litecoin promoter, I agree with your analysis and actually see some really good stuff investments, liteco N being my my favorite, with a toss up on Etherium and Dash.
I did buy u more Etherium for now, but something tells me Dash is headed higher.
Hope to hear more input and great reports!

Thank you. Good to hear from you

FUD can sometimes bring down the value of a Crypto and same FUD can also skyrocket the Crypto.

War and uncertainty in some region of the world will heavily influence the value of these cryptos. We see massive growth in South Korea and Japan due to uncertainty of North Korea and possible war breakout.

People now have option to move their assets to digital assets like Bitcoin and still have access to when uncertainty happens. Imagine a scenario, you are in South Korea and own a Factory, few farms and couple of houses. Now imagine war breaks out with North Korea, and you have to run, but you can't take your properties with you. It is bit useless in this event.

The more missile little Kim fires the more value of BTC rises.

Yes, very good point. I can see that happening. Thank you for your insight!

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