"The Cryptocurrency Value Investing Program" Video #1 - What are cryptocurrencies?

in litecoin •  10 months ago

Hello Everyone!

As promised, here is the first video in our course, "The Cryptocurrency Value Investing Program."

I will be posting one video each Wednesday and answering questions in the comments below for those of you who have some. I would love to start some dialogue on this topic, so please share and resteem if you enjoyed this post.

In this video I will break down what cryptocurrencies are. This is a basic understanding of what cryptocurrencies (Digital Assets) are and how the function. We will cover them in more depth in module 2.

Here is a layout of Module 1, so you know what is to come in the weeks ahead!

Module 1.png

If you have any questions at all please feel free to comment below

Enjoy my fellow Steemians!

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What a great introduction! I can't wait to sit down with you on Saturday and talk more in depth about this on the podcast. I'm looking forward to more lessons.


Heck yeah buddy! We are going to have a blast and share some knowledge. You are going to love this Philosophy module. The next video, "What is Money" is a real doozy!


Thanks @ramshashahab! Check back for more next Wednesday afternoon

Great work Nick! Love seeing your program come to fruition.


Thanks brother. Its been a lot of work, but it sure if fun seeing yourself on video. lol

Yes! I needed an educational blog! As a newcomer to Steemit and crytpo in general, I've a lot to learn. Thanks for sharing! I noticed you're also located in Minnesota :) Looking forward to a local meet-up. For now, I'll follow you on Steemit and learn from your videos.