Why Litecoin ($600 ltc soon?) and Bitcoin will see major gains 2019 and 2020

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Cryptocurrency is something different than stocks. It is a digital form of currency. Most people do not understand that. Short term gains in Litecoin will be seen very shortly and Bitcoin will have major short term gains in 2020. The reason being, both of these coins are halving (LTC August 2019 BTC 2020). The block rewards for mining will be cut in half so less of these coins will be available. LTC will drop from 12.5 to 6.25 in August of 2019. What this creates is less availablity which in turn makes it more valuable. It is not like paper, we cannot just continue to print more and more. If it hard forks that creates something totally different (example: Litecoin Cash). So, are you accumulating/holding on? Hmm perhaps HODLing? Are you HODLing for when major adoption takes place anduse cases are all over the place even more so than now? This is only the very beginning! Hodl On! Follow CryptoQuandary here as well as on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter for more!

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