Litecoin Pump - The next coin to go up is?

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Explosive Growth in Litecoin makes me wonder what is the next coin to follow? I believe the new surge in price in Litecoin is because of the asian countries pushing it over the moon. There is no news or update to Litecoin except for the price.

Now for my next pick in a coin to pump up is Zcash, if you hold any position be patient as its due for a massive growth.


Good call on Zcash. But then again the moon must be closer then we think as all the coins are running over it.

Thank you @paco - please consider to follow, i will do the same.

@paco i think you are right

With 4x as many Litecoin in created as there are Bitcoin, in addition to boasting a block confirmation time 4x faster than that of Bitcoin, Litecoin is profoundly undervalued. Bitcoin’s current value stands at just over $17,000 to Litecoin’s $216. Wake up people #LTC

Very true @jahangirwifii, i agree. Litecoin has more value to offer to the crypto community. However it will always play second to bitcoin as its a copy with abit of change in the code.

Supply and Demand.. just #Hodl #litecoin we are going to $1,000 #LTC

It just cost me $16+ to send a mere $153 #BTC to another exchange from @coinbase. Perfect example as to why #LTC will be the preferred payment method of the future...starting now

I honestly think its jut a matter of time when people stop riding the prices and start to look into the actual technology. We just need to get more accustomed to cryptos and the focus will shift to how cryptos can benefit us and make our everyday life easier. So be patient with Litecoin and other alts, they WILL go to the moon :)

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