LCC LiteCoin Cash airdrop successful! Valuable is another story

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I love me some LiteCoin!!! It was the first altcoin I ever owned and when it exploded last October, I was hooked! I think Charlie Lee the creator is basically a God in the crypto sphere. Although he created a new coin, in many respects it's in the same vein as BitCoin, but with differences making it more useful for everyday transactions, while BitCoin acts more as a store of value.

In late 2017, Charlie aka SatoshiLite sold all his LiteCoin in order to be able to manage the venture without a conflict of interest. In what was an honorable benevolent action, people reacted with panic saying he did not believe in the coin, and then later accusing him of selling at the top. True to form and based on sound BitCoin principals, LiteCoin resurged and led the small rebounds we've had since the January dive. Charlie still manages everything low profile and mostly behind the scenes. Any interview with him is worth watching.

Now comes the LiteCoin Cash fork, which has absolutely 100% completely nothing to do with LiteCoin, and I'm pretty sure based on his Tweets that Charlie Lee does not like LCC. LiteCoin Core (sheesh) has an advanced algorithm that makes it "lite" and less expensive to transact and send around. This is much to the dismay of miners who don't earn as much per transaction, and in the already tight mining game, that hurts. So LCC brought back the SHA256 algorithm on the LTC blockchain and as advertised front and center on the website, says put your old mining equipment to use. I have a few S9's running and I don't think I'll be mining LCC.

Don't get me wrong, I did actually move all my LiteCoin from it's home to another undisclosed location, downloaded the ENTIRE blockchain for the LCC Core wallet, imported my old LTC private key, and claimed my darn free LCC. But I just love free stuff of any sort, shape, or size. With its current value of $1 each, I'm the proud owner of just under $100 of LCC!

Seems like a lot of work for the reward. And I don't see any practical use case for LCC, but there are tons of other alts that have value because they are easily traded or mined and for no other reason. Doge, Tron, ZCash, Monero, even BCH all surged to new heights in part because they are easily mineable. A few have other uses, but the mineability really helps.
LCC Is also the first hard-fork of LiteCoin and if any fork ever succeeds, it is usually the first, as with BitCoin vs BCH, Ethereum vs ETH Classic, and others. So I won't give up on you yet LiteCoin Cash (there I said it), I will HODL for a while until we see what happens with the mining community and on exchanges. Who knows, maybe I'll even fire up one of the ol' pre-ASICS gpu miners I have laying around. Oh wait I don't...

Anyway, if you qualify and don't mind moving around your Coin, go for it! Also, there is no rush to get them, it's permanently stored on the blockchain! Below is a link to the LCC website and wallet. If you read this far, thanks a lot, you must be an especially cool soul. I appreciate any feedback or votes, STEEM on!


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