LTCUSD Technical Analysis II - Following the Plan PERFECTLY!

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Ciao Amigos!

okay, I promise never to start a video off like that again...

Here is a technical analysis of LTCUSD. I think there is significant opportunity here for a major upside move. I have entered my position at $160, looking for a $284 target 1 and a$395 target 2.

In my last Steem article (, I projected a final 5th wave down of the C wave... here is what it looked like when I initially said that...

this is what it looks like now...

It looks like we're now about to blast off to that first target, so strap in! Watch the video below where I go through the back-testing process and how I came up with those targets!!

Hope you enjoy :)

Disclaimer ------ This is NOT financial advice. This is my opinion & is based off trades that I intend on taking. If you take it & lose money - so did I.