Sold Litecoin

in litecoin •  2 years ago 

Well I haven't posted in a while but I thought if somebody was interested I did sell my paltry stash of lite coin. Didn't sell at top but still posted about a 40 percent gain. Not sure if Jamie Dimon and the deep state had anything to do with the crash in price as there could be any number of factors, including communist China's ban on certain initial coin offerings. Don't know if I am going to buy in again, maybe if it comes down to the mid 30's it would be very tempting. One thing I've noticed is it's a lot like trading on the stock market with the exception that hopefully its not as rigged. Notice the word hopefully. Anyway don't recommend betting the house on it but if you do have a little extra to gamble with may prove to be the wave of the future. The Bible says to cast your bread on the waters (re Ecclesiastes 11) so it is for sure great advice! Diversity is always recommended. Probably best to stay with the more popular established coins such as bitcoin, lite coin, etc. I still prefer real physical silver coins above all else, and remember if you don't have it in your hand you probably don't own it either! Have fun!

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