What's Not To Like About Litecoin?

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All ltc donations appreciated! Wink wink...

Even the founder Charlie Lee described Litecoin as Silver to Bitcoin's Gold.

LTC is currently .0165 BTC which sounds pricey but methinks LTC is still cheap and here's why:

LTC is designed to reach a max BTC to LTC Ratio of 4 Litecoin for every 1 Bitcoin in circulation.

So mathmatically: LTC's intrinsic value is .25 BTC !!!

Just let that sink in for a moment.

Litecoin is technologically better than Bitcoin but Bitcoin has better Brand Recognition.

Litecoin transfers are much faster, cheaper & more secure: Making LTC the "Go-To" crypto for Remittance.

Think,"Dirt Cheap Digital Hawala".

I just read that with Litecoin: The first Lightning Network transaction from Zurich to San Francisco took less than a second!

So I'll ask again...what's not to like about Litecoin?

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i like to use Litecoin and have big dreams for it realy hoping for 4:1 BTC ratio

nice post keep on steeming

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