💰 LitePay A Game Changer For LiteCoin💱

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Litecoin may finally be getting its time in the main spotlight.

Litepay is announced to be launched here in just a few days. While other cryptos are selling off yet again including bitcoin and ethereum taking a big hit litecoin is now up over 2% in the last 24 hours, ethereum down 10% and bitcoin down 8% shows how much in terms of support there is for this news on litecoin.

What is LitePay ?


Litepay was announced just before Christmas last year however it is being implemented this week!

What Litepay does is allows real every day transactions of business to process them in store. It allows for very fast transactions of products and services in dollars with no transaction charges. That's right NO charges. Right now for accepting a credit card company as a form of processing it can cost anywhere to 3%-5% or higher in high risk industries to take credit card payments.

The LitePay wallet will be made available on all major mobile and desktop browsers with instant withdrawals from VISA compatible ATMs and allow spending with any VISA merchant.

That is the major strength of LitePay at the moment is there is no need to re-calibrate systems, install new systems etc everything can be done currently with what already exists making the hurdle of mass adoption easier then bitcoins systems where.

You can check out litepay here = https://www.litepay.us/


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LiteCoin is my preferred coin for small payments because of the low transaction fees.

LitePay will join all the other solutions and it's great because that's what the industry has been missing. It's very easy to put money in and convert our fiat to cryptocurrency but reverting back to spend in shops can be a real pain, not to mention the transfer fee's going back to fiat.

LitePay and other solutions like Revolute are just some of what's to come - I think this year we will see many more similar solutions and I welcome them all :)


Exactly its easy to use and easy to get it and that is what is needed. It seemed like with other options there where to many hoops to rump through but this way seems rather seamless. It also gives store owners a nice way to put in ads for it as its going to save them at least 3% in fees which can really add up!

I am a fan of Litecoin.

Ever since bitcoin fees went through the roof, I have been using LTC for transferring between exchanges.

It appears many more are accepting LTC payments too.

Very cool to see a paycard coming!


That is great news but I have issues with these dam cards all the time. Now my BitPay card was turned off by the card issuance company. Holding my cash hostage.


Same happened with my Uquid Pre-Paid Visa Card back in Oct/Nov 2017. They used the same card issuance company as BitPay. Uquid now have a Pre-Paid MasterCard and I am about to order mine. It accepts LiteCoin as well.

No charge... wow litepay really push litecoin to the moon. The best part is, ltc will nit following bitcoin. Maybe btc does follow ltc soon. Change position maybe. Ltc to rank 1.

@bitcoinflood I'm Holder Of Litecoin , I believe in it for a long time and still believe in it :) There is Many Things also will be added to Litecoin in The Future ^^

Finally I can see that Litecoin is going to be used for its main purposes as to other cryptocurrencies . I would be happy about this because it would indeed make it easier to spend our Litecoins on the things we need (For Bitcoin it would be quite hard because of the transaction fees and times)


Right its been on the back burner for a while now. If litecoin had the market cap of Ethereum right now we would be at $1,500 per coin thats CRAZY!

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it could be a game changer

Yeah It could be the best time to invest in litecoin. Hard Pump in prices expected.

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It's a great news for us.Thank you so much
for your post.I am greatful to you:)

That is awsome news. I love it.

This looks huge. It just might be the recipe for mass adoption since the merchants won't be susceptible to crypto fluctuations. I think litecoin will see real world adoption with litepay.

This is awesome, I use LTC to avoid the ridiculous BTC fees. I'll be looking into this..

LTC is my biggest holding after BTC and Neo.