Technical analysis Lisk LSK/USD - 09.11.2017steemCreated with Sketch.

in lisk •  11 months ago

Below screenshot from our last LSK analysis. The growth scenario was almost perfectly fulfilled. The price tested support at 4.488 and went straight to our designated TP around 6.30.


Over the past 24 hours we have been informed that SegWit2x has been canceled which has resulted in altcoins growths. Lisk, the 14th cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization is growing almost 22%.


Going back to the chart. If we break the resistance we are currently located at and test it from the top, it will be a good place to look for a buy.


We see, however, that the price has a problem with breaking this resistance, the upper shadows of candles testify of it. So if it can not be broken, then another good place to buy is support 5.45.


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