LISK is gonna bullrun to the 30 or 40 dollar range its preparing for a massive bullrun be ready and get some lisk..

in lisk •  10 months ago

lisk is preparing for a big bullrun big investors are buying in big for the nex mega bullrun sdk launsh! in 3 months lisk wil become sdk same like happened to antshares NEO.

Lisk 30 dollar price range in 3 months.

if you love steem and lisk follow me resteem and upvote.

peopel that resteem wil have a nice vote from me:D

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invest on steem and lisk only and get rich or die trying.

your creation is so nice si ...thanks for your blog378px-Bitcoin_logo.svg.png

I'm holding off from buying Lisk until January. I think it will have a bull run late January all the way until Feb 20th where hopefully the news will be better than their last meetup.