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RE: Steem as a Smart Contract Platform

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Ethereum forces App developers to connect to multiple smart contracts just build a Dapp, this burdens Dapp development among mainstream developpers, that's why Ethereum failed to produce more than a dozen working Dapps.

Lisk's easy deployment of Blockchain Apps using SDK and its sidechain design is guaranteed to scale easier than Ethereum, and we will soon see the Lisk App store boast far more Blockchain Apps than Ethereum.

Also, it's very unfair to compare Lisk that was released 7 days ago, to Ethereum that was released 1 or 2 years ago. And comparing Lisk to Steem is just laughable.

ps. Don't bother replying here, because I won't read it. If you want to discuss Lisk come to the official Lisk thread or chat on or


"Don't bother replying here, because I won't read it."

How much do you bet that you will read it ?

Looks like $24.89 so far ;)

Your thought on eth is accurate. I have my own issues with eth. I also believe lisk could become something eventually. I guess my feedback is that lisk needs to improve dev tools. The current examples are very complicated next to a similar eth or steem app.

-_- what a terrible attitude

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