in #lirick5 years ago

Let no repetition value
»The pain you do not culminate in

»Love flowering kuntuman
»Love does not wither in the eye
»Love mu baizura your name
»I keep kujaga kembang him

»Where to go
»Lost you no change instead
»A flower stemmed two

»Blooms into ornaments
»Your beautiful scent beautiful
»Unfortunately his baizura
»You wither in the garden

»If no longer revered colors are not
»As beautiful as rainbow not kubiar
»Your broken branch gu2r ditaman

»Holy love it
»Has grown up
»I'm the one who tortures me
»To my arrogance
»Burned by your fortitude

»Baizura2 your love damba
»Willing you tormented for me happy
»I drift away in sin
»Diamonds and glass are no different

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