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About Liquid8

Liquid8 Is Just a blockchain-based Peertopeer Multi Functional platform Which Intends to Reevaluate Assets: conventional assets and also other resources, have been now in a position to"tokenize" their advantage, making it possible for the intermediaries. Belongings transacted over the stage might be accounted for, minus needing
Even the Liquid8 system will revolve on using contracts that are smart. This Guarantees that Economy. The electronic market, by multiplying the difference between real life resources and also the emerging electronic commerce tokenized resources Can Subsequently Be traded and loaned involving stage customers inside Liquid8's, Liquid8 may present a peer reviewed electronic providers stage, in which owners of all real life Advantage to become symbolized by electronic translators over the block-chain eco-system. Crypto belongings uncomplicated and convinient.
Multi-Asset Wallet, Generating acquiring fiscal solutions and handling token resources and assets simple convinent. The Liquid8 platform will revolve around the use of smart contracts. This ensures that assets transacted within the platform can be accurately accounted for, without the need of intermediaries.

Liquid8’s Multi-Functional Platform will offers 3 main features:

  • Tokenization - The platform presents a tokenization protocol that allows
    ownership rights of real-world assets to be digitized, so that they can be
    traded digitally, creating a vast array of opportunities for peer-to-peer financial
    services. Traditional illiquid assets will gain better liquidity, while start-ups will
    have the opportunity to connect with potential funders without geographical
  • Exchange - The platform offers a marketplace where tokenized assets
    and crypto assets can be exchanged between platform users in a peer-topeer
    environment. The peer-to-peer nature of exchanges guarantees costeffectiveness
    and flexibility, when compared with transactions through
    traditional exchanges.
  • Lending - The platform offers a lending marketplace that directly matches
    borrowers to lenders. The peer-to-peer nature of Liquid8’s lending platform,
    underpinned by reputation rating based on AI and machine learning, will
    present borrowers with the chance to obtain the most advantageous rates,
    while at the same time providing lenders access to wide range of loan
    opportunities to diversify their portfolios.

Liquid8’s ultimate intent is to create a peer-to-peer digital ecosystem that is accessible and afforable to all individuals globally, by creating a real sharing economy through leveraging the benefit of Tokenization, Exchange and Lending.

Liquid8 is currently developing the ultimate blockchain-based tokenization platform to take
full advantage of this trillion dollar opportunity.

The Challenges - Global Assets & Their Limitations

Real-world assets have many inefficiencies and disadvantages. Among them:

» Illiquidity: Real-world assets lack liquidity and fungibility, especially physical assets such
as real estate, gold bars/bullions, and collectables. The global real estate market, for
instance, holds a net value of over $217 trillion, locked away in illiquid assets. Considering
an average transaction cost of roughly 10% for property inclusive of all the fees and
closing costs, it would cost close to $21.7 trillion to liquidate the entire global real estate
» High minimum investment requirements: The average down-payment for a property
is around 20% depending on jurisdiction, while for other alternative assets such as
collectables and managed funds, it often requires investments in the millions if not
hundreds of millions of dollars - indicating the need for high initial capital to invest in realworld
» Costly transaction fees: The purchase or sale of a real-world asset incurs steep
transaction fees, as highlighted in the case of a real estate transaction being typically
10% or higher, while trading stocks, precious gems and artwork will also involves paying
intermediary fees which often amount to double-digit percentages.
» Lengthy transaction process: Another critical issue with real-world assets is the time
they require in completing a transaction. Research indicates that it can take anywhere
between 6 weeks to 6 months to close a real estate purchase. Even in the case of other
asset classes, the involvement of third-parties such as financial institutions lengthen the
transaction time considerably.
» Overly-strict personal credit assessment: Credit assessment is among the most critical
aspects of investing in a real-world asset. Any financial institution will run a thorough
background checks on an investor before granting a loan or access to capital, which makes
it difficult for an investor with a less-than-ideal credit profile to get started. For instance,
banks do not consider the crypto assets of an investor in their credit check, rendering
these assets worthless in landing a traditional loan.
» Storage: For some assets such as precious metals and gems, ownership requires the
costs of securely storing the item in question. Insured transportation costs will also have
to be factored in if the asset needs to be moved between jurisdictions.
However, real-world assets continue to attract interest from crypto investors because of their
low volatility and their advantage in the diversification of investment portfolios. Therefore
creating a simpler and more efficient way to digitize real-world assets is one of the most
pressing challenges in the crypto landscape today.

The Solutions – The Liquid8 Tokenization Protocol

Liquid8 will develop a tokenization protocol to simplify the process of digitizing real-world
assets, with a combination of off-chain and on-chain proof-of-assets protocols, to ensure all
assets submitted for tokenization or listing on Liquid8’s P2P marketplace are validated for
their compliance, existence, ownership and value.
The off-chain protocol consists of two elements:
» Online Off-chain module - Data feeds extracted by oracle or IoT devices, and due diligence
that can completed online via smart contract digital signatures.
» Offline Off-chain module - Data collected via relevant agencies/ institutions, and due
diligence which can only be processed by signing of traditional paper-based agreements.
The on-chain protocol involves the development of tokenization smart contracts and smart
asset tokens: blockchain-based digital tokens that are pegged to real-world assets.

The Benefits of Tokenization

The tokenization of real-world assets has a range of clear advantages:
» It allows the ownership rights of real-world assets to be transferred and traded on a
digital platform. This enables cross-border asset purchases with minimal fees and time
delays. The tokenized ownership of assets, underpinned and validated by smart contracts,
directly bypasses the long and costly audit and legal processes present in traditional
transactions of real-world assets. It also provides new opportunities for traditional
investors to purchase real-world assets that are presented in a decentralized environment
without geographical restrictions.
» As tokenized assets can be sub-divided, the threshold for investing is reduced significantly.
Assets with significant valuations, inaccessible by traditional investment means, become
accessible to small scale investors when tokenized. Investors may buy and sell fractions of
a property, collectable or any other traditionally indivisible asset.
» It allows existing crypto investors to directly purchase tokenized real-world assets with
their crypto holdings, bypassing the need to convert their crypto assets into fiat currency
when they want to diversify their investment portfolio to include real-world assets which
are less volatile.
» It provides security, reliability and proof of ownership, thanks to blockchain’s distributed
ledger technology. All ownership and transactional records are indelibly registered on
the blockchain, making it tamper-proof and immune to legal disputes or registry errors.
Investors will get to avoid all counterparty and custody risks associated with traditional
financial institutions.


The Challenges

One of the main obstacles that slows down the mass adoption of blockchain technology
includes the difficulties and inefficiencies in buying and selling of crypto assets for fiat
currency. This has put the crypto community, especially newcomers and first-time investors, at a significant disadvantage.
Besides that, most of the existing exchanges are more suitable for experienced users, as
the user interfaces are complicated and non-intuitive. There are many sources of arbitrage
and inefficiency with infrastructure that is not transparent, thus finding opportunities for
optimal deals requires a great deal of experience and research that is often not feasible for
a newcomer. Furthermore, some of the present cryptocurrency exchanges charge a hefty
commission on top of their regular transaction charges, making it harder to book profits
through trading.
Additionally, lack of trust is another major problem faced by crypto traders. When two
strangers want to exchange their crypto assets, both parties face difficulties deciding on who
should make the first move to either transfer the payment or to release the asset.
Therefore, the development of a truly user-friendly interface for crypto and fiat conversion
will be a big leap towards the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain

The Solutions and Benefits
Liquid8 P2P Social Exchange
The Liquid8 P2P Social Exchange is a peer-to-peer social exchange marketplace that utilizes
a smart price-optimizing engine to connect two parties locally or globally within our exchange
marketplace, enabling both parties to exchange their crypto assets with fiat currencies or
exchange from one crypto asset to another based on mutually-agreed exchange terms –
eliminating the need for intermediaries, along with all the costs associated with them. Both
parties will enjoy not only lower transaction fees, but also better exchange rates compared to
those offered through intermediaries.
Liquid8 simplifies and streamlines the process of purchasing, selling or exchanging crypto
assets securely anywhere, anytime, and with any payment method agreed by both parties,
through a peer-to-peer social exchange platform that enables both parties to interact
with each other using a fully encrypted internal messaging system, to work out exchange
conditions that would suit the parties.

Liquid8 Token Sale Details & Platform Development Milestone


The functionalities of the Liquid8 P2P Platform will be launched depending on the outcome of
the token sale:


Fund Allocation


Token Allocation

Following the conclusion of the Token Sale, Portion of the Increased funds will be kept in fiat currencies To minimize the project's exposure to crypto volatility. We will set up new management And development hubs in Asian and European regions, to attract more blockchain, artificial Intelligence and information science talent to combine with the Liquid8 team.
Liquid8 will even proceed to apply for financial support licenses in applicable authorities.

Liquid8 Logo

Ethereum Block-chain (ERC-20). The token's utilities
Are the following

As payment for all solutions within Liquid8

LQ8 token will probably Serve as payment for platform Service charges which happen over the Liquid8 P2P multi functional System.

As Air-drop for rewards and affiliates program Within the Liquid8 eco-system

Liquid8 will be rewarding group associates that maintain LQ8 tokens with airdrop benefits.
Community associates Will Need to transfer their LQ8 token to their Air Drop Rewards Wise
Contract 60 days Before this Air-drop supply date, even should they wish to qualify for airdrop Rewards. These air drop rewards will be distributed.




Roadmap Schedule

Liquid8 Management & Development Team





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