LIQNET : A cryptoexchange that aggregates liquidity from various platforms thus solving the problem of the splitting of users and their trading orders by forming a unified order book with the best market depth and prices

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Now a days Crypto currency become the core part of financial exchange through the world. And the world becomes so closer in an every option in financial sides. There are various financial platforms and some contain currency operations. Those are basically called currency exchanges. Global cryptocurrency trading is such like a platform that continues still and is being scattered itself among various platforms. And it is led severe fragmentation of liquidity. The lower the liquidity the lower the average is a trading comparison in the classical markets.


LIQNET-name of a crypto exchange which is a great way to unite liquidity from different platforms and solve the problem of scattering of users, their orders. With a better market depth and better prices for private persons, that is forming a unified order book. And obviously these are legal entities from various jurisdictions.


In-spite of having so many ways of Cryptoexchanges, LIQNET is unique for LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network) tool which allows to collect and combine orders of our exchange’s client with some simple privileged terms. Orders from exchange’s clients get advantages from LIQNET by a single order package and it is available for trading for all LIQNET clients.



1.Own Desktop apps, MultiCharts, trading view, and MT5

2.Mobile trading apps for android and iOS are fully functional.

3.Cryptocurrency exchangable online wallet through it and also u can fiat money by pressing one button.

4.Cryptocurrency investment service with free and paid system is totally open for you.

5.Recieving payments in cryptocurrencies is so secured and safe.


There are many exchange organization in the world. It is difficult to develop single organism for markets. Most of the users and their assets are split. Adding that, liquidity is also split. Cryptocurrencies should unite people, companies and financial streams. Several platforms and its fragmentation of trading over leads to increased volatility of many cryptocurrencies and assets.

The scares traditional investors are away from investing in cryptocurrencies. Low level of liquidity and considerable spreads don’t help the development of the cryptocurrency industry. Naturally, exchanges should seek to get into a unified trading place to be able to use the combined liquidity to increase revenue.

A lot of exchange and trade tools on the market should also be critically reviewed. At a total result, the market is filled with stock and cryptocurrency exchanges. Ability of trading, accessibility for the end users filtered with such parameters. Totally, the choice is narrowed drastically and the illusion of abundance goes away.

Other optical exchanges, liquidity will be limited. Selling a significant amount of funds, a trader risks to fail to get the required amount of money. Here, we solve the problem by uniting liquidity streams from different platforms into the order book.


The base of the LIQNET project is a secure cryptocurrency exchange. It uses both classic methods and a standlone mechanism to collect liquidity what uses in-house LEN technology.

LEN uses its mechanism to collect and combine data on request to sell/bye from many cryptocurrency exchanges located anywhere in the world (Picture 1) and to form a unified order book.

LEN is a symbiosis of cryptocurrency exchanges, so it has no problem with integration. The technology allows to skip negotiations with competitors because the service does all interactions through their existing public APIs.

Any cryptoexchange that LIQNET intends to connect to its platform should be checked by LIQNET’s specialists if it has a license to work with cryptocurrencies. If a cryptoexchange that LIQNET wishes to connect to the platform is located in a jurisdiction that has no explicit regulation of cryptocurrencies, then LIQNET has to by itself make sure that such exchange has documents that regulate AML and CFT. In the case when such internal records do not correspond to the minimal requirements of the Singapore laws and international standards, this exchange will not be connected to the platform.

Connecting Cryptocurrency to LEN

To connect a cryptocurrency exchange to LEN, a user should register an account, deposit some money, and implement a particular LEN module that uses the exchange’s open API. LIQNET also does this operator.

Nevertheless, LEN has one pressing issue: not all exchanges offer a trading pair with USD, some trade cryptocurrencies directly for national currencies. The solution is to make interactions in LEN more complex: national currencies can be transmitted by connecting a currency gateway and quoting these pairs with their exchange rate to the dollar in mind and then into the main blotter. In this case, unfortunately, fees for currency conversion are added. Economic calculations prove that it is better to pay an additional fee and get cheaper liquidity so that feature will be implemented by Q3 2018.

The server side of the system comprises several (apps) which have different functions. The LIQNET platform uses cluster databases: all financial data is saved to several servers and can be replicated between locations. Thereby, the system is ready to be scaled.


The LIQNET project attracts investments by issuing its own LEN token and holding an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).The emition of the token is limited and has zero inflation. The target amount attracted during the ICO is from $20 to $50 million. The tokens can be purchased with Ethereum (ETH),Bitcoin (BTC), Zcash (ZEC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), or Waves, After registering an account, each new users receives a dedicated Ethereum wallet. All currencies are converted to Ethereum.Users exchange ETH to tokens by themselves and then transfer them into wallets in the investor’s personal accounts.After the ICO,users can withdraw tokens from the wallets in the investor’s personal accounts in the web.

Depending on the size of collected investments, the tokens will be distributed as follows:

93% – ICO investors ;
0.94% – private offering ;
2% – bounty campaign ;
3.5% – advisors.


token sale.png

Token ticker symbol : LEN

Standard : ERC20

Maximum number of tokens (given all tokens are distributed in the first three days) : 63 746 032

Price of one LEN token : 1$

Payment methods : ETH, BTC, BCH, ZEC, LTC, XRP, Waves, USD

During the ICO, the required amount of tokens will be generated automatically.


2015-2016 – development of the trading core, elaboration of the exchange. MVP has been upgraded to service, beginning of the testing of the information security model at high continuous loads.

2017 – development of a professional trading terminal, preparation of the project for the launch, idea of holding an ICO.

December 2017 – trading core that collects liquidity from at least three sources, trading web platform.

January 2017 – release of own desktop app

April 2018 – the end of the development of LIQNET

April-May 2018 – testing the kernel under high load, the number of sources of liability is greater than 10, the number of orders is more than 500 per second.

PreSale 07.05.2018 – 20.05.2018

ICO 21.05.2018 – 17.08.2018

Q2-Q3 2018 – purchase of the MT5/Multicharts license and its customization for our service

End of 2018 – Beginning of 2019 – launch the platform used to trade third-party tokens during ICOs (in a separate jurisdiction).



Above all, here is the story of LIQNET and the cryptocurrency exchanges. There are many large markets in the world which are about cryptocurrency exchanges and that is tightly bound to the cryptocurrencies themselves. No doubt that now is the time of development and comparing the stock markets and other currency markets as well stock, derivatives, it is a small number.

It is simply linked to the well burned of their applicability in real life, the improvement of the technology. As it is increasing day by day, the other sources are being trying to match up . Technology and the increase of their legal status, and to the allowance of them as a payment tool on international and national markets. Any positive information and any novelty positively affect the growth of popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies.




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