In practice, the lips are black

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The stain-resistant normal lip helps to enhance the beauty of both men and women. So keeping the lips beautiful, proper care is needed.

The report published on the Ruppanchalaya website reveals the reasons for the lips becoming black. If these causes are properly treated, it will be possible to overcome this problem.

Moist lip lips: Lip color disappears for dry and roughness. It is important to keep the lip wet for a healthy lip. So use the left leap as well. Find a lipbaum that contains cocoa butter, shia butter, etc.

Do not move dead cells: the most thin skin of the mouth is the lips. To get rid of dry and rough lips, it should be regularly triggered. The lip cells are removed and it looks healthy. '

Sunblocks dropped: lips like lips and burns in the sun. So use SPF 30 rich leap left before going out to protect the lips from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.

Smoking: It is known to all that, if the regular smoker, the lips are black. During smoking, nicotine flows in the lip, which is responsible for the lips becoming black.

Lack of care: Even after taking care of the skin, lip care is always removed. Beginning with the use of moisturizer, it is necessary to lip all the stuff. Lipstick beauty can massage kalasham oil every night to enhance the beauty. Massaging regularly increases blood circulation and looks interesting.


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