What’s the Use Case of $LDA?

in #lionx2 years ago


(UGO) That’s All ! 🦁
$LDA Token is native to the
LionX platform


  • Access of Interactions with Native Networks and Decentralized Applications within the Ecosystem in near future .
    Such as but not limited to ...
    Exchange, Staking, Transacting, DeFi Tools/Resources, Free market of NFT’s (TRC-721) Launchpad/ Incubation Sector.


  • Decentralized Governance,
    Token Holders Gain access to Voting Power for proposals integrated within Economic Governance Voting Systems.
    Any Changes in the Protocol would have to go through a process of Votings held amongst the Community.

-Being a Token holder gives you ownership of a Network Connecting Digital & Physical through Web3.0 Infrastructure


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