Lion’s Gate Portal and what you need to contemplate with. Original painting “The Mighty Leo” acrylic on resin art.

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Today is the 8th day of August (08) 2018 marks the day of Lion’s Gate Portal (and also me and my wife’s wedding anniversary..yay!) 8 is a number of balance within you and the universe, its also a balance of material and immaterial worlds, learn more about ourselves and give ourselves a break from this everyday stress, find that balance and to recharge, with balanced physical, mental and spiritual, relax, unwind, meditate, or do whatever you may to do nothing but to empty that cup, connect with the universe with a positiveness and love, now is an opportunity to make some major transformations in our life so always be conscious of what you say, think and feel, the universe does not listen what you say but it listens with how you feel. One love amongst us and the universe, happy 888!



Wow very beautiful painting

Thank you so much @ishaq1012

Happy anniversary my friend. And yes a very nice painting something to Roar about. Blessings to you

Thank you @enjoywithtroy! Blessing to you as well

Uyy,, Happy Anniversary!

Gorgeous!!! I need to check my feed more so much beauty I am missing.

Funny; I have been feeling really off center lately; perhaps it is a call to be more centered. Going to try to figure out my life today somehow; lol.

Hey my friend how are you @twirble, been contemplating and controlling my irritablity when it rises up, and kept myself focused on positivity

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beautiful lion's portrait ! the colours in his eyes are very lovely and magical <3 and the golden of his fur is well captured <3

Thank you so kuch for noticing @veryspider

Wow! Great work!

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