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Lion-dragon-dragon is a folk dance art originated in China and Vietnam often performed in festivals, especially the Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, because the three animals This symbolizes prosperity, prosperity, happiness, good fortune.

Lan - Dragon - not only the art of folk but also the competition between the dance team. Depending on the space or narrow, depending on the meaning of the festival, the Lancer-Dragon perform each song, each dance to match. It is possible to combine unicorn dances with monks, unicorn dances with dragons or a combination of the three..

In the performance of lion dances, monks, dragons, can not lack Mr. Ge, a belly (padded cloth) clothed in black long shirt, handle paper fan large pheasant, masked bald head full round grin follow jokes, jokes, or entertain your hosts. He is said to be the embodiment of Maitreya, a Buddha is always cheerful gentle. Legend has it that Maitreya was transformed into a human and managed to control a monster (the unicorn) from the sea as a destructive. Maitreya transformed into a human, called Mr. Ge, took the lichen on the mountain for monsters to eat and surrender it, turning it into a plant-eating animal. Since then, each year he led it down the mountain Happy New Year people, proved that the beast became good, the evil became good. Mr. Ge and the unicorn went to where the blessing so that every house also happy to hang green vegetables and red paper welcome. After this, people with money usually hang money in a tie in a red cloth, hanging with cabbage or green vegetables. Lan to climb up to get this "food". Of course, Mr. Ge did not climb with Lan but only danced together, whispered a big fan, slept or woke up. The scene of Mr. Geocot and Phu's egotism, expressing the deep feelings and harmony between animals and humans in a peaceful atmosphere.

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