The lioness hit the lion with the neck, lived with it for 8 years

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Indianapolis : There is a shocking news in a US zoo. The blood of the pair of lions living together for eight years has come to an end. The victim was a lion in the zoo and was hunting for the lioness living with her for the past eight years. The lioness invaded the lion with such aggressiveness that until her cough did not crumble, she kept the lion in her jaw.


The name of the deceased lion was named Nyak and his age was 10 years. The lioness who killed John was named Jury and he is 12 years old. They also have three children. The lioness attacked the lion at the time when it was present in its enclosure. The lioness suddenly attacked the lion and grabbed his neck. The zoo staff tried a lot to rescue the stranded lion in the loot of the lionesses, but he could not succeed and finally died due to suffocation.