A wounded Lion - by @capecobragen

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While visiting the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa we came across this lonely thin lion which walked with a limp and appeared to be in pain. In closer inspection we saw Porcupine quills stuck in its right front leg. These wounds often cause infection and can lead to the death of the animal. This Lion did not look very old and so his bad condition seemed to be the result of the wounds by the Porcupine quills.

Nature can be very cruel.


We also saw these very healthy lion, when you see them like this they look like the King of the Beasts.


Aww! That is kind of heartbreaking that the lion is hurt and unable to tend to his own wounds. I realize that nature always takes its course and the cycle of life will continue but its still sad. Great photos and thanks for sharing!

It is unfortunately part of nature, but as you said, still sad.

Do you know that A wounded lion is very dangerous @africaunited

I’m sure that they must be. They are probably in agony thus causing them to be aggressive.

That looks dangerous, but they are so cute :)

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beasts looking so cool . as usual they wait for the prey patiently and attack ferociously. that might be the reason "They are said to KING OF THE JUNGLE ".

Such amazing, majestic animals - thank you for the pictures!

Very amazing post

Africa is place of wonders

awesome post... i really like animals...thanks for sharing19023388_1604962002848678_1688712661395121159_o.jpg

wow!!!great post sir.amazing ..thanks for sharing your post. upvote and resteem done.

You would think that they could Trank the Lion and assist it.