This weekend is a GREAT time to get a Linux laptop!

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I probably should have mentioned this in my profile but I am also a long time #linux geek... 20 + years and running.

There are two events happening right now which are great for people who want to get a new Linux laptop over the holiday weekend.

System76 is having a long weekend sale!

System76 is a Denver, Colorado based company dedicated to building and supporting desktops, laptops and servers based on Ubuntu Linux. The hardware they sell is known for being Linux friendly. They also ship internationally.

Anyway, starting Thursday June 29th System76 is having a long holiday weekend sale!

Desktops and laptops have discounts from $50 to $150 USD.

I have my eye on the new Galago Pro which is a modern, lightweight and powerful 13" notebook with a HiDPI screen.

Purism has laptops ready to ship!

Purism is a San Francisco based company dedicated to building custom laptops and mobile devices which not only run Linux but have as much proprietary code removed from the hardware itself, include the BIOS and even the Intel Management Engine (ME) on the CPU itself!

Because of this customization, they had long wait times for customer orders. But starting Monday June 28th, they will be carrying limited inventory for much faster shipping.

Here is a picture of the Purism Librem 15 which is available now.

Please note I am NOT affiliated with System76 or, and I make nothing from them for mentioning their hardware here. I am just a fan who loves #linux and cool hardware!

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Ive never known what Linux is. I realize its a seperate operating system from Mac or Windows, but how come you never hear of any of there computers until now? do they make computers? what do they make? who are they?
is it better than apple or windows? ive owned an apple for about 10 years and my dad for about 30 years so I know apple. but wtf is Linux?!


Thanks for the question @nabes

Here is the official answer via Wikipedia:

Here is an easier to read answer:

And here are some of my own comments:

Linux is a highly modular operating system, based on Unix. Unix was a class of operating systems running massive servers which were common for years in large organizations and in the running the internet. However, Linux runs on the same platforms as Windows or OSX. Like Windows, it can run on a wide variety of hardware.

One of the big differences between Linux and both Windows & OSX is that Linux separates the graphical interface and the operating system. In Linux, the graphical interface is just another application that the system can run. This means that the interface could be changed (and there are lots of options) and it could be removed all together, which is what is done often in environments where Linux is run on a server.

I've been using Linux since 1997, on both desktops, laptops and servers. It's definitely.

I hope this helps!


cool thanks for the help.
I dont really understand all the computer lingo but I think I get the just of it. Is Linux cheaper than the other 2? and does it run pretty much the same programs or do you need special software cuz its not as popular?


Most versions of Linux are free, and you can download them off the internet.

Many programs run on both Linux, Windows and OSX (Firefox and Chrome browsers, for instance, and LibreOffice) but others will not. There are often functional equivalent programs for free in Linux.

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