For Linux Fans (Need a printer?)

in linux •  last year 

I'm not paid in any way to make any commercials, but as they say the best commercial is a satisfied customer.
I don't know about you guys, but I've had to install several printers on Linux: HP, CANON, and pretty much all the main bigger competitor brands. They were a severe pain the ass to install.
So here's my advice, if you need a printer and you want to install it on Linux, use the printers from the company called "Brother", Mine came without a cable, wasn't interested in setting up a wireless connection since it was meant to be used only on one computer so be warned about this. However, once I connected it to my computer, It simply installed... itself, and works perfectly!
In case you're wondering about the model it's a very cheap one, the " HL-L2312d" model, and it installs itself flawlessly and will save you all the messing around with drivers which aren't really up to date and struggling to get it working.

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