#Linux 10 Tools To Add Some Spice To Your UNIX Shell Scripts

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this is the complete overview of a third party original content

"Shell scripts can make use of some of the GUI widget (menus, warning boxs, progress bars etc). You can always control the final output, cursor position on screen, various output effects, and so on."

[1] notify-send Command
The notify-send command allows you to send desktop notifications to the user via a notification daemon from the command line.

[2] tput Command
The tput command is used to set terminal features. With tput you can set:
-Move the cursor around the screen.
-Get information about terminal.
-Set colors (background and foreground).
-Set bold mode.
-Set reverse mode and much more.

[3] setleds Command
The setleds command allows you to set the keyboard leds.

[4] zenity Command
The zenity command will display GTK+ dialogs box, and return the users input.

[5] kdialog Command
Kdialog is just like zenity but it is designed for KDE desktop / qt apps.

[6] dialog
Dialog is an application used in shell scripts which displays text user interface widgets.

[7] logger Command
The logger command writes entries in the system log file such as /var/log/messages.

[8] setterm Command
The setterm command can set various terminal attributes.

[9] smbclient Sending Messages To MS-Windows Workstations
Smbclient can send a message to selected users or all users on MS-Windows systems.

[10] Bash Socket Programming
Under bash you can open a socket to pass some data through it.

Here the Original Article full of codes and details.

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