Install Ubuntu-LINUX on an ASUS laptop from usb stick.

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UBUNTUamd64-MATE_15.10 on the laptop ASUS_n551

Now in year 2016 Ubuntu 15.10 is the only Linux distro I've found that fits ok and works 100% just
out of the box on that laptop and Mate is my desktop environment of choice since so many years.
That's why I'm focusing on them. Anyway, I guess this basic guide could be useful to help for the
installing of others distros in other hardware
. So let's go and good luck to everyone!! :)



Here's the place where to retrieve the iso file ubuntu-mate-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso and the check integrity ones SHA256SUMS and SHA256SUMS.gpg. Once retrieved the above 3 files and stored in the same directory check the iso file integrity as follow:
$ sha256sum -c SHA256SUMS 2>&1 | grep OK

Now is it possible to burn the iso image. Once plugged in the usb stick be sure that it is unmounted before to burn the iso in it. The command to burn the iso image should be something like that:
# umount /dev/sdb
# dd if=ubuntu-mate-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M && sync


Install Ununtu in a given partition.
As any average Linux user your hard drive (from now hd) should be partitioned in many partitions, at least in two considering the mandatory requirement of the swap partition. Here a 10 partitions snapshot of 1tb hd in the targeted laptop:

The pre-requisite to load the mastered usb stick at boot is a properly configured UEFI-bios (from now U-bios). Actually I'm not an expert in U-bios configs and I don't remember exactly what I've done with U-bios switches more than a year ago when after some googling I've discovered how to configure them. Anyway I guess it has something to do with Launch CSM [enabled] in the boot section and Secure Boot Disabled in the secure one. So, after booting the computer, press and keep pressed the [F2] key to have acess to U-bios configs and customize them. Down below you can give a glance to my screenshots. Once loaded the mastered usb drive you can test the distro 'on the road' by selecting Try Ubuntu MATE without installing. After being sure that all works just out of the box and you think that it's your distro of choice you can select Install Ubuntu MATE and.. good luck!!! :-)



After having properly configured the U-bios boot the computer and press and keep pressed the [esc] key and the below should be the something like menu you will see, where the UEFI: Verbatim line in this case represent my usb key.

PDF Version


thanks good information, i will try

Short but clear instructions! thanks! gotta try it!

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