How to restrict incoming mail in Postfix.

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How to restrict incoming mail in Postfix.

Scenario: We have some discussion groups (alias) and we want only a few internal people in the field to have access to them and the rest of the internet and internally are not allowed.

We are supposed to have:

  • postfix on linux ( centos or debian )
  • minimal knowledge of linux
  • I know how to use a cli editor like vim or nano

Our domain:
alias: and

1. First Step Setup list to restrict.
vim /etc/postfix/
smtpd_recipient_restrictions = check_recipient_access hash:/etc/postfix/protected_destinations
...the usual stuff...

Here we have defined a class for each alias.

And in these files who has the right
to send mail and the rest rejected (in /etc/postfix/ ).
smtpd_restriction_classes = local_only
smtpd_restriction_classes = local_only2
local_only = check_sender_access pcre:/etc/postfix/restrict_intern
local_only2 = check_sender_access pcre:/etc/postfix/restrict_intern2

2. Second Step create files
vim /etc/postfix/protected_destinations local_only local_only2

After you exit the file you're running postmap /etc/postfix/protected_destinations

vim /etc/postfix/restrict_intern

/$/ OK
/$/ OK

If you want a custom error message:
/.+/ REJECT "This is a custom error messages created by Admin Team at Boss request!"

The rule in this file says that only user and have the right to send the rest of the mail are rejected.
vim /etc/postfix/restrict_intern2

/$/ OK

And finally get restart services

/etc/init.d/postfix restart ( sysV systems like Centos 6) or
systemctl restart postfix ( systemd system like Centos 7)

If you get some errors look at /var/log/maillog and test if works!

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