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Although Archlinux has a collection of software of all kinds in its repository, you may not be able to find your happiness in spite of a search on AUR. Need to install a develop package for Debian or Ubuntu and not listed on the Pacman and AUR tools list? No problem, there is a small software responding under the name Debtap, allowing to convert and compile the software of your choice.


Debtap is available on Pacman, you can integrate it using Pamac or Octopi. The installation through the console will take place as follows:

sudo pacman -S debtap

Transform your .deb file into installable pkg:

Download the .deb file of your choice, having previously done a search on Arch and AUR repositories. If your file is not listed, you can go through debtap.

The ideal is to go into admin mode by inserting the command:


Go to the directory where your package is located and proceed as follows (minergate is here as an example):

debtap minergate.deb

Debtap will ask you to use a license of your choice. Simply reply via GNU or GPL. Wait a few seconds while the conversion takes place. Once your pkg created just install it once and for all by entering this command.

Sudo pacman -U minergate.pkg

There you go ! That's it !
To better understand and analyze here is a short explanatory video:

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cool manjaro fan here

nice tutorial. Thank you.

Thank you! It is greate that Linux instructions be on Steemit <3