New Version! laitos v1.2 brings new enhancements to the only software solution that let you be in touch with your Linux computer at all times via telephone, SMS, and satellite terminals

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Open-source project URL:

Latest release:

This release brings plenty of minor enhancements and couple of new features, the highlights of which are:

New features:

  • An RSS reader is now available via toolbox command interface for reading news briefing.
  • Disk usage on root file system is collected for the information web page and system maintenance report.

New features in system maintenance daemon:

  • The summary report is printed to standard output if there are no Email recipients.
  • The initial delay is shortened from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • Non-essential utilities are periodically copied to temporary directory to avoid being cleaned up by operating system routine.
  • System tuning and turning off swap are optionally carried out during system maintenance, they are no longer CLI parameters of the main program (-tunesystem and -swapoff).

Notable enhancements:

  • The component name output among log entries is decorated with a brief component configuration description, for example, entries generated by web server now mention the web server's listen address and port.
  • Timed out shell commands are reliably terminated via process group.
  • A program-wide 200MB temporary buffer stores outstanding outgoing mail. Once the buffer fills up, new mails will not be queued or delivered. This measure prevents a potential denial-of-service attack.

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