One Question, before LinkSeven77 Update #4

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LinkSeven77 Update #3 was posted on the 27th January Please click here to read Update #3

LinkSeven77 Update #4 will be posted with @nathanmars Steemit account on 1st February and it'll simply contain three questions, one picture illustration along with my direct contact details

  • How can you get upvotes from @nathanmars account ?
    Something do with comments, Twitter, Zweeet77 , You'll find the exact answer on 1st February :)

  • How can you get STEEM delegations up to 11k ?
    Only 40 members from Zweeet77 will get STEEM delegation at any given time depends on their Twitter Hustle , You'll find the exact answer on 1st February

  • Why you should consider becoming a LinkSeven77-Premuim member and how to become one and maintain the membership?
    Something to do with your passion, 300 SP and Twitter, You'll find the exact answer on 1st February

One Question

If you're an individual and you've submitted your Znap7 according to LinkSeven77 Update #1 or #2 and you're not in this below list then please comment below. Also if you know someone who has submitted and they're not in the list then please let me know as well, Please note that LovePoints are not for members of Family77(Thriving Communities) or Project77(Projects of all sizes)

Thanks a million!
Twitter nathanmars7 (No longer using Discord, Kindly DM me on Twitter )

LovePoints Holders List ( Each one holds 777 LovePoints currently)

1 @chireerocks Twitter @chiree03

96 @pranto


Hi @nathanmars7. What happiness I feel to see this list of great people. I am very attentive to the following updates. Thank you for sharing a significant initiative such as "Clean the planet". On the other hand, I will work with more passion to increase my SP, at this moment I make a great effort to save.

See you in the networks. Virtual hugs

It's a great update, thanks for sharing, Have a good day.

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As always i like to say thanks for making and creating this awesome community. You are doing so much work here as well. Glad to be a contributor to its success. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for notifying mr. @nathanmars ...

All the numbers fall on the right person, and can bring #steem to the moon.

Nice, this a lot of work that we have to create the most amazing #steem community.

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You do not show @fitinfunfood and I submitted a video for this account -

You will have @fitinfun tomorrow if I have to yell over train noise while looking like the cat dragged me in - no matter what!

Thanks for response Sharon!

As this contains profiles of individuals, I think @fitinfun's profile more fit in this Passion777!

However I've added @fitinfunfood now and I'll replace with that with @fitinfun!

Please take your time :)

Ok - got it. I will have the other video soon. Thank you

It was a pleasure to be one of those sweet77 i know it's hard for me to be the one of them because of my data..but i appreciate everything whoever are their because i know you made a good choice and you really work hard for this project bro..

Congratulations to a job well done brother..i am so happy and excited for the next day..😁😁

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thanks for updating bro
looking forward to Feb. 1st

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that's great to see new people joined us :)

I consider myself blessed by belonging to the family #linkseven77, together with people who strive to deliver quality content to #Dtube and who promote the steem blockchain on other platforms, we can make a difference!

Greetings Bro...

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It is good that everything is progressing, we hope that on February 1 to see the new update, only 3 days are missing, it hurts, not having the SP necessary to participate. Good luck to you all

Did you read the update #3 ?

Clear, transparent and easy to understand. Everything is simplified now and i think anyone can easily understand about linkseven77 and updates. Thanks Nathan . wish you good-luck. Waiting for update no 4.


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what i always trying to do is help people by making video or write, spread tweet to the world about steem. i am glad whatever happen on yuor next update bro. Nice to know you and learn many great things from you.

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Basically everyone I know is in the video, and I want to say you're doing a commendable job really, the truth is that it takes hard work to put out these updates really and I must say the twitter hustle should be something we should be willing to do because of it's pure aim of bring steem to the limelight, waiting for 1st of Feb

Happy to part of this list glad to know having 777 love points. A great post to start the day with. Now heading to Twitter to promote our #steem and #steemit and our blockchain. Waiting for next update. Have a great day @nathanmars7

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Thank you @nathanmars sir for quick update before #4 update .my pulse measurements Now reached over 78, taking 1st February updates .lol. this gap of one day making me restless. Nice way to empower people and #Steem via twitter hustle.. connecting people via zweet77 will bring value in our contribution and reaching steem to moon.
Here is need to change people's mindset about this platform.Here is similar opportunities for everyone to growth their mindset by contributing blogger's post, leaving meaningful comments and in this great this is not individual project but whole communities's project.
Thank you for spreading awareness

777 love points and more details to come. Yay! That makes the next update more and more exciting to look forward to. I hope we will also have more members by then.

A very good question, and we hope that the linkseven77 update will develop

Extraordinary @nathanmars7... Hopefully the members who have become THIS members support each other posting on dtube. That is all

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I shared my video in twitter But my video is missing today

I'm so sorry to say that for some weird reason, I decided not to offer you 777 Lovepoints this time around. Please kindly wait until 1st february update and become a member of something called


Thanks for understanding and have a wonderful day :)

That's great details before update #4. Twitter campaign better for spread our #steem tag to show other investors. I'm waiting to see update#4 and currently I'm active on twitter for promote #steem tag.

Thats great. Im active on twitter and trying my best to raise awareness about steem. Lets see how it goes.
Looking forward to next update on 1st february.

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There are many beautiful posts that you have presented. Of course many have said something that many of us may not have on this list. Maybe they uploaded the video but you forgot to make a recommendation. It is very important and important to them, I think it should be seen more people Whoever uploaded the video to Link 777, then it must be commented that it is a lot c Essential and very effective thanks to give you such a nice update and will be very usable for us.

And I'm really glad that I am already in this family and you've named my name. Thank you very much for this.

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Thanks for the update sir😊😊. We will be waiting for it :). The one thing I can say for now is I'm really enjoying to do my part of contribution in every platform 😊😊 . We know you are going to select the worth people although I said before it's going to be a bit difficult for you but we know you will do it :) We are on the right track sir 😊.

#steem is only for #optimisticpeople

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Hey Bro....right on. The hustling has already started with introducing steem #freewrite on Twitter. ....

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Thank you for the update BroStar 💕

Excited to keep going & flowing with you and our fellow Fam777ers! So much love!! and Reiki Hugs!!


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thanks for updating ! :) ♥ ♩♬

looking forward to Feb. 1st !

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Great ! We are waiting that new post ! Continue doing this good work bro and comunity

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I am really happy as the no of hustlers are increasing day by day that simply means more competition and more growth.

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It is always a joy to read or watch your post. I can't wait to see what's coming next.
PS: I really love what you've been doing with Cleanplanet <3

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LinkSeven77 Update #3 was posted on the 27th February Please click here to read Update #3

For Clear confusion it was posted on 27th january. so don't be confused

Thanks a million for correcting the geniune error!!

it's a pity that I do not have the necessary SP to participate, luck to all, the greatest success

Did you read LinkSeven Update #3, where you can find out why you still have time to accumulate 300 SP ?

Btw do you've Twitter account ?

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