2020 U.S. Presidential Debate 01 - Chapter 07 of 08

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Here are some of the topics mentioned in the first debate as seen here on this web page. I've included links for more information regarding the referenced subjects. Scroll down to see an outline to some of the subjects, topics, categories, questions, and answers, from the first debate.

I'm not done adding links to some of the questions, topics, subjects, as seen below. Please come back later. I'm going to try to add more links, references, etc, in the future. But until then, you can add your own in the comments below or at least read what I've already included so far as seen here, keep scrolling.

The First Debate

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Articles relating to the first debate

2020 U.S. Presidential Debate 01 - Chapter 07 of 08 - Links

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-15 - Thursday

What is the purpose of this post?

The goal of this rough draft webpage outline is to highlight, link, reference, emphasize, display, cross-reference, educate, document, archive, and clearly summarize some of the topics, subjects, categories, ideas, questions, answers, conversations, dialog, issues, concerns, feedback, history, global news, etc, etc, relating to the first 2020 United States presidential debates between Joseph Biden and current U.S. President Donald John Trump.

What is the status of this article?

This web page or post is currently a rough draft summarizing some of the topics from the first debate but it may not necessarily be complete, thorough, in order, perfectly accurate, finished. I've added some of the subjects that stood out to me. I may try to add additional links or even better links in this article as there are so many different things to cover. I could link one particular topic to dozens of different websites, articles, videos, etc, for example. It can be tough to narrow it all down to just one link or limited links. But if you want, you can add your links in the comments below. You can find some of the topics from the transcript of the debate. You can click search + f to find keywords on a webpage in most web browsers like Firefox and others. Well, it depends on the computer. That shortcut should work on Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, etc, but not sure about Apple.


I decided to paraphrase questions as seen below to highlight and outline the subjects mentioned in this first debate. I decided to add a few questions that are either loosely related, loosely connected, or questions that should have been asked during the debate. I added questions Trump should have answered including, why didn't Trump expose the Covid scam? Yes, Covid is real but the lockdown is a scam, long story believe me.

Scroll down to see some of the topics from the first debate.


Topics mentioned as follows

Can we pick a supreme court justice?

Should abortion be tax-payer funded?

What about heath care?

Does Obama Care suck?

Should we expand health care?

Do people want to privatize health care?

Do people want socialize health care?

Did Trump get rid of the individual mandate?

Was Obama Care or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affordable?

Will Biden pack the court?

Should we only have nine supreme court justices?

What do you think about climate change?

What do you think about Covid-19?

What would you do if you were faced with Covid as a President?

Would you lockdown the country like Trump did?

Would you mandate masks?

Would you mandate vaccines and other things?

Would you continue lockdown?

Are the Proud Boys racist?

Why is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, censoring breaking Biden news?

Did Biden agree with Bernie Sanders on social health care?

Does Biden endorse socialism or communism?

Does Biden want sanctuary cities?

Does Biden want open borders or walls?

How did Biden handle the Swine Flu?

How are democratic-run cities doing?

Should we stop Antifa Black Lives Matter terrorists?

Did Biden say BLM is just an idea?

When a city is on fire, is that just a peaceful protest?

Should we lower taxes?

What is is thing about Trump and tax returns?

Did Trump pay millions of dollars on corporate taxes?

Is the IRS harassing and abusing Trump illegally?

Did Trump help the economy?

Did Covid hurt the economy?

Did China ate Biden's lunch?

How did Biden's son and brothers get so much money from other countries?

Is Trump racist?

What is this thing about George Floyd?

Did Biden do a 1994 Crime bill?

Did Biden call black African Americans super predators just like Hillary Clinton did?

Should we end racial sensitivity training?

Is racial sensitivity training racist?

How many people die in Chicago?

Do cops the help of doctors as they respond to 911 calls?

What should we do when Soros Pawns take over Seattle, Portland, or other cities?

Was Hunter Biden given tens of millions of dollars from Russia, China, etc?

Was Biden, Obama, etc, involved in pay to play, etc?

What about forest fires?

Is the New Green Deal going to cost over 100 trillion dollars and would take take over a century to earn?

Should we rip down buildings and build new ones and is that doable?

How do we create jobs?

What about voter fraud?

Do you support the police or back the blue?

Are we in the worse depression since 1929?

Did Trump call military suckers?

Is Biden a puppet of China and the globalists?

What do you think about electric cars?

Should we make America great again?

Should we buy things made in America?

Should we hire Americans or illegal immigrants?

Has Trump done more in 47 months than Biden has in 47 years?

Did we have a peaceful transition of power from Obama to Trump?

Why was Obama spying on Trump all the way back to at least 2015?

What happened to Flynn?

What happened to Roger Stone?

What happened to Julian Assange?

What about mail-in ballots?

What do you think about voter suppression?

Is the election ridged?

How many people vote multiple times?

How many dead people vote?

Did Hulk Hogan say his friend's pet got a ballot as well?

What do you think about Wikileaks?

What do you think about Project Veritas?

What do you think about Infowars?

What do you think about the Drudge Report?

What's the difference between solicited and unsolicited mail-in ballots?

What do you think about the over 80 million fake ballots?

Should we be poll watchers?

Are Democrats cheating?

Why didn't Trump expose Covid?

Why didn't Trump stop the tech giants who are going to make sure Trump loses 2020?

Why didn't Trump expose Bill Gates, the United Nations, or others?

Why didn't Trump talk about how bad vaccines are?

Why is Trump not decriminalizing drugs?

What are your thoughts on the debate?

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